Saturday, February 14, 2015

makeup revolution lip lacquer; Keep trying for you; Lime Crime Velvetines Dupe

 So this is how reviews are going to be from now on. Im going to take loads of pictures and review my experience, k? Okay. This lip lacquer from over seas in Europe, I put on at 10am and it lasted till 10pm. I still have to take it off fully because it was bed time soon and I do not play with sleeping with makeup on. Do you know whats the best part about this makeup? Its only 3 pounds...ill round that up to 5$.

 But also remember the shipping, which honestly was more than the product but think about it this way, if you buy five of these shipping do not matter at all and youll have more bang for your buck compared to the velvetines.

 Lets not forget that limecrime is a problematic company. One- they are not a vegan brand so they lie constantly and two- they treat their customers like trash when ready. And lets talk about the owner of that company, a google search away will tell you everything youll need to know and if you support them that is your money (but even when knowing you can get the same thing somewhere else for WAY cheaper you may want to think about your life a bit) but im not here for that, im here for these perfect lips.
 No lip liner required and this is perfect for summer and winter and all your white shirts, and coffe mugs and Starbucks cups and re-applying.......

I moisturize my lips so im good on the cracks and crinkles in the lips, my lips still peel but not the bad kind of peeling.

 Also I ate sushi and drank loads of water with this on and no transfer. My nail polish was falling off though.
 I plan to buy every one in the future, not even NYX matte lips can compete. Just make sure you have olive oil or oil makeup remover around.

 Now to picture whore and play with photoshop. Still didnt mess with the color or shape of the lips makeup mind you.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Guys what! Rock Star Wigs is Racist

 All them companies! Gothic Lolita Wigs, rock star wigs, cosplay wigs USA, Dolluxe- all of them is in this heat because they all associate with each other. I like how this is my first post in a long time but since its cold and I figuratively cant function in the cold so that makes me lazy to pick up a camera, a pencil, a brush, I just sit under the covers and try to warm up my freezing fingers when typing, this is the perfect post because its only screenshots.

 I remember when this company started (Gothic lolita wigs) and I remember when it branched out to may other companies mentioned above so they are literally all the same to me, all the same company with maybe different head providers.

All their pages looked like this. Yes there is maybe a latina in their (which can be both black or white (I know I may have the term wrong but every time I ask someone has a different word. I just know not to say Spanish)) but thats the thing, they love the lighter skin and will throw in a poc with lighter skin to maybe hint at people who feel bothered that they may be a supporter of POC (People of color). There is ONE black girl I notice many times, so they over to use her as "that black person" but of course she is light skin.

 Other than that these are all the models for all the other wigs that is flowy or long or straight or fantasy, fairies, princesses, countess, elevens. All white, light and bright and this is for all the sites.
 White light and bright. Since the companies started black women addressed them about this and they kind of ignored us. They used the lighter skinned black girl and we kind of sai.....wait, I kind of said okay. But I never bought from them again anyway-

-Because their wigs shed, you can maybe find the review on here. I loved the two toned color I bought from GLW and till this day it wont stop shedding. Cosplay wigs off ebay didn't shed this much at a lesser price. Their wigs is alright but not over 50$ alright. 30$ including shipping is the right price for these wigs.

 I think Coco is used twice for this one,
 -dont look the same tone as above do she?
So not the same darker tone but more relaxed, more of a model EVEN IN THE DORITOS BAG!!!!
Now compare this to above. So darker skin, watermelons, Jerry curl hair and.......wait........whats the name of this wig?

 This is on a Black face website describing the different types.......what?

This company has been this discriminative for way too long. The darkest skin you can find or photoshop you associate it with watermelons and jezebel. I do not care if coco was on board with this, coco already have problems but as a business you should know better. Why didn't you use the pose and skin color of the same model in the Doritos one for this wig? Why did you specifically choose this wig, this skin tone and watermelon and think.............I think this is obvious trolling. You can say sorry my bad we didn't mean any harm and then try to get everyone to forget.

With the pattern of how you see dark skin and the miss representation I dont have anything more to say. If people are stupid enough or racist enough to shop by you then im sure you will do well in your business. I know there are enough racist to support you as the same Paula Dean.
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