Sunday, February 2, 2014

How to be ulzzang?


Ill tell you how, but lets get past something first. All the ulzzang photos you probably seen and drooled over is definably Photoshopped. If you dont have photoshop or anything similar and you want to look like these girls, dont past GO. In this environment/community natural is but a fairy tale, you can have the best makeup but that is all that is going to take you. The makeup may be natural but that is not what makes you ulzzang. 

Start to think "best face" means the best face you can make with makeup and photoshop.
learn how to put on makeup first and change your proportions.

Proportion,  your eyes has to be the biggest part of your features, the mouth the smallest but the eyes are everything. So circle lens, big eye makeup. Try to avoid milk face where you are just pale, with no color, ashy and a void of white like the second one above.

Angles, angles , angles  though this is just photoshop photoshop photoshop

Understand that photoshop is as kleneex to every brand of tissue. 
Photoshop means editing your face now, not just the brand.

bright natural light., here is more milk face.

and more photoshop.

But if you dont want to be that extreme, do like me; I dont photo bend my legs, eyes, arms, head shape, or mouth, but I do approve of some hair it depends. 
-I just smooth my skin out and give good eye makeup and highlighting so if you see me the proportions will always be right
-I will look validly the same in every photo because I dont have to keep up the false proportion 
-editing will take less time so more pictures.

.....this is not puri, those legs are not proportioned. 

and thats how you become an ulzzang. 
good luck.


hrtshpd said...

I think these days, it's kind of a given that people photoshop their photos. Ulzzang, Feizhuliu, Living Doll and Gyaru all use Photoshop... and not just these niche asian subcultures we covet, its a mainstream thing. So in this aspect, I guess its not really a big deal?

I am guessing you made this post for girls who are younger and just trying out with the ulzzang trend, but I am pretty sure most of us are aware of the amount of photoshop that goes on. For example, on Youtube there is a Korean channel called Allzang TV and its a show about how ulzzang girls giving regular "less attractive" girls a makeover, and it all ends with photoshopping a photo of the girl.

Just because us non-koreans follow a trend, does not necessarily mean we have to follow it to a T. Andd I believe that ulzzang for the black ulzzang girls on Facebook is more about connecting with people over common interests, and making improvements to themeselves instead of popping out photoshopped photos.

ohnodood93 said...

Ummm I can't take advice from some one who doesn't even look ulzzang. Like what look are you into gyaru ? Ulzzang? Confused ? Retarted? Pick a stuggle babe.

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Well thats fine, there are other blogs to find maybe on tumblr. I think.....I know I look ulzzang without the gyaru and im fine with that. Dont need no one else to approve 83 but thanks for you anonymous opinion

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Oh you would be surprised my friend believe me im surprised every day at people not knowing whats photoshopped, whats the definition, whats real or fake. Im tricked at times but its more of the actual magazines sold here than ulzzang or internet pictures. Then you have after effects and only a percentage know of that one. I dont blame anyone anymore it takes awhile XD

People still think its just good makeup and blurring for the doll fad, nnot even kidding they would blame surgery over Photoshop, still.

Yes the younglings, but odly for all age's this happens all the time. I think its good information for all.

Ill have to say you are wrong on that, like ive stated above, I run into plenty who would think half, none, and or a percentage of the photo is photoshopped when its actually more. Some dont think its photoshopped at all. Do you know some dont even consider smoothing your face is photoshopping? Enhancing your eyes? fixing your hair? Changing the lighting?

We will just have to accept that not everyone knows everything that we know. We maybe have loads of experience and they dont. Kind of like html some of us done it, most done it and even saw it, we have been on the internet long enough....but do we all know how to edit it, make a whole page with it? No.

I dont think I stated we HAVE to per say, more of youll get more popular with these ways faster. Plain and simple people love photoshop, love that doll skin, huge eyes they love to look at it, its why the doll fad is so big right now, so big that people still to this day will blame everything on surgery and makeup over photoshop.

So yes connection righto...but im not talking about black ulzzang, im talking of ulzzang, the original. Can you believe its still strong today? Do you know why? I think this is part of that.

Umwhat said...

I dont really see the advice part of this post O.o like this is supposed to be how to be ulzzang but youre mostly just pointing out photoshopped photos... Theres no how to do ulzzang makeup part of this or how to take ulzzang photos....the title should be changed to ulzzang photoshop fails

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

I have videos on ulzzang looks but here is my point. No matter what makeup you put on or outfits, to be a well known ulzzang you have to have photoshop. Photoshop is part of the ulzzang "culture" if there is one. People may be nice and say you dont need it, these are the same people that will say you dont need makeup and when you finally dont wear anything they ask if you are okay. Thats just the way it is <3 the ulzzang culture and the popular ulzzangs are usually giant photoshop fails....or wins if you like the style of photoshop they have. Can you believe that even photoshop has a makeup style.