Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brand whore, why I never been one and the benifits.

This is an extension to what Lizzie have posted about "Gyaru Obsession with brands" posted here 

Im not going to say I never knew this obsession existed, my style is defined un-gal because I am sure its because its not a "gal brand look-a-like". Here is why I never sipped the brand kool-aid.

1. Ever since jr-high I already had the mentality of brand names not being that serious. Sketchers was the shoe brand that was a brand name for me and this is back when it was new and not the brand it is today. One pair a year for each new school year. Payless was my favorite place in the world because I can have my kind of sneakers or shoes in the style I want for under 10-20$. The only name brand I had was from thrift shops and I adore them like it was new clothes. I already have figured that for the price of the new Jordan's I can have two pairs of shoes formal and non, 2 jeans and 4 shirts. Im thankful for whatever my parents did because that is how I grew up.

This is not to say I hate brands there are some brands that is just unique and I would pay more for because its one of a kind, kind of like McQueen style compared to juicy OR D.I.A. belts because you cant find dupes of those, even the dupes dont really do much. There are some brands that dont try at all,  a t-shirt with a croc on it for how much?

Ma*rs yes is unique and cute but the quality is sex shop quality. I cant pay that much for hooker looking material as a cosplayer? I know fabrics and fabrics like that dont cost that much. You know those alice in wonderland packets in the Halloween store thats all whored up and cost a bunch, that is what it reminds me of. I wont put down anyone who'd buy it but me I would be ashamed to pay that much for that quality or bland creativity. I will buy dupes but Mars is not that creative enough to spend that much, The print is all they have for them.

Think about it, a hooker dont care much for brands either all they care about is showing the goods they are selling and you dont need a 90$ skirt to show it.

2. Without brands you get creative. That is my number one reason to go cheap, my style wont look gal because its not a Japanese brand or styling and Japanese brand/style look-a-likes is very close to impossible to find in the west (though Glad news is very forever 21 right now, we are getting somewhere.) My style I find is as close as you can get to gal with my creativity mixed in with it, and with that you stand out.
 With going cheap and creative you are not another model with the same skirt, belt, hair, sweater and makeup like for example the Black Diamond members.

They all look like D.I.A shop staffs when you have to wear the brand to work black Diamond sponsored by D.I.A? Its nice to look like sisters but for how long?

3. You save money or you can buy plenty more with the money left.......................need I go on.

Spend money where it matters the most
-a good wig. Halloween wigs are my pet peeve, cosplayer do this too XD
-unique products that has never been duped or duped well enough, like winged boots or even platforms cause your feet is too big. Personal experience.
Or this bag which is expensive but ive never seen anything like it for that price
4. People who boast about it will give you a good chuckle - this is for me personaly, that kind of mentality cant work on a person that dont care for your elitist mindset. Kyrptonite only works on superman.

Wait why am I telling you what to do? Do what you want with your money that makes you feel right. This is just my motto <3 comment-3--="">

Okay I love you bye bye~

p.s. I googled black diamond gyaru and my picture is there from that experimental makeup on a hot day XD, if you can only choose the pictures to pop up.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pictures of my dolly natural look

The video of the tutorial will be up later but for now, PICTURES!!!
Just as good as food porn 

I think im going to add bangs to my purple lace front, I had a bad experience with a new order of a wig so ill have to just update my older wig a little until I get a newer wig. The bad experience is again from alliexpress, should I make a post about it?

Nothing much other than pictures. The video has the tutorial so ill be back to post it back up here....unless you follow my youtube you wont know when this blog post will be updated. 
~ok ily bb

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Start of my new years

So we literally went through miles of travel and snow to do this and thats a first to me. I love warmness and home and I dont know how I left the front door, the train was easier than I though but still hard to get there. I would have to pay for fair twice because there is no transfer unless you go back to Manhattan then back to queens. I didn't have it that bad , I didn't have to travel far like most. Im glad the girls are safely back at home.

There was only one main camera and it was my iPhone. Malias was mostly used as video.

I think we all borrow from Malia
I had her socks

The shoes finally, it was dry so I could of wore them.

Finally Malia. So very thankful for her letting us in her home. Perfect host.
We got to the club around 1am and got out 4am. All was sleepy but not as much as Cleo XD.
We had loads of fun and may do it again for my birthday next month.

On the train we met the best of the two DJs and he invited us back again. He was an excellent DJ. He gave us his number so we can come back in free. There was also nice people inside when we were tired me ask how much was for water and he said 6$. We gladly left but right after a nice buff black guy gave each of us bottles of water.

We were the faves of the night; we kept getting asked to go and dance on stage.

New time im wearing flat sneakers though I can dance in platforms XD
Fact: platforms are perfect in the snow.


I also made a new choker and my instagram has the video
Anyway, thank you for reading I love you bye bye. 

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