Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello blog from the dead

Im writing on my ipad for a quick post about most likely comming back to blogging. 
With tumblr, and facebook, and instagram and youtube it seemed useless toblog but it seems people still read blogs. Is that true?
 Leavea comment, tell me ifits true or false. If its true then keeping with the other sites seems more useful. If false , i cant wait to redesign this place
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hot topics its been awhile; Their magnifacent collections.

I havent bought from hot topics since college and surprisingly I still have, fit, and wear one of their corsets I bought. Maybe I should visit them sometime I still do to spencers, according to their website Hot Topics sell geeky merchandise now yet still holds on to the rock/dark aura. 
When I saw that...tha....*breaths* 
 When I saw a post from a geek news site claiming Topics were working on a line inspired by my favorite misunderstood dark villainess fairy, I freaked out. You do not understand.....or maybe you do.

 Ive been told many times I dress like a villain (or a monster high doll), so finally seeing a line that is not about the "priencesss" in America is surprising. I say this because japan is more flexible in style and ive noticed this ever since getting into gyaru, they are good to my style especially the dark style other than goth, but America its all about being that fragile sexy girl. In other words I was happy, real happy but I wasn't going to buy anything
....Untill I saw the first photo on the site.


 You should understand........

 you should understand!

This is my style completely, ive never splurged in my life but if so it usually take more than three days of planning. I plan everything on every decision I make, I have to make sure I have enough money to go out so I dont take visits or invitations out of nowhere unless you are lucky, I make sure I have rain money in case my computer goes wrong, I plan an outfit a week before I use it, I like to be confortable and safe yet still freak out if I think I missed anything or made a wrong decision.
 All of that went out the window and I dont feel bad for it. I bought it there and then and its not even out yet.

 To add, this style is hard to find and come by for this price. Even without the price this batty cape style is hard to come by. I wished it came with a longer zipper but I think ill sew that for myself, I'd love to be able to take it off easily when I feel like. I get cold very easily but I plan to use this as much as I can at the beginning and end of summer when its a bit more chilly.

 I also want these two items but I know ill feel guilty after, still I did plan. If I dont get these 
a) I can always make the horns
b) I can go to the disney store for the wallet
a&c) I can make the horns and buy an iron man wallet instead.

 So yeah my high is almost done, can wait for May. I will forget about these and when its in the mail Ill will freak out again
Okay I love you bye bye~

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Imats NY 2014 / Sugarpill and NYX swatches

My gets and swatches of all the gets will be at the bottom

Here is the video

This part reminds me of school

The lines to get in the convention was so fast but that makes up for the lines to get makeup inside longer

The convention here is not like the conventions for anime or comics. Everything was organized but the people attending. No one would move to the side for people to past or walk on the right, if you ever been to new york city's china town its like that.

I knew Encore was there but I didnt know Purseebuzz was there. I would of stopped but I was busy taking video I didn't notice.

Beyond words I love these girls

He was working at the Dollix booth, I know them as Gothic Lolita Wigs

Again I didnt even know he was going to be here. AHHHH Why cant I pose like that?
He was working at the Morphe booth

I met him at the inglot store weeks earlier. 
He noticed me And I finally get to see his look out of work.

I didnt get this Spaz did but I needed a picture.

This is my gyaru look, without the nose contour 

We were too late for the line

My full outfit at H&M



yep.....Im saving up big for this con next year. 

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