Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dark Normal Frog to Succubus Gyaru Doll

I am proud of my art work as well and how much it has evolved in color and style.
Its like my style and my hands evolved together
As for Painting this is where I am and I am so ecstatic 


JAN: That was my first gal meet and I already forgot but I think I started gal this year officially. Before then I was practicing gal, I was not really gyaru till I though I was ready. So if that's me when im ready what was I before?

FEB: I would like to try that makeup look again, it was fun

APR: is when I first tried purple and I ADORE IT SO MUCH <3 p="">

JULY: It was my secound gal meet if you dont include the spring one. 

SEPT: is something I can go back to

DEC: is suppose to be the last tutorial this year XD
I leave the color to my hair and lips and just do big black eyes now <3 br="">

Should I try Green hair?........NAWHHHH
Happy holidays/ New years