Monday, November 11, 2013

Jealousy, competition, self promotion, gyaru community

Not sure whats going on with youtube and their comment section also settings, but I should be able to embedded this separately.

Anyway this should be said and im sure this happens to many girls out there. Its only when you are paranoid that everyone you will meet does this to you, then maybe its not so true for you. I am honest when I say I don't really care and yes people tend to say that allot on the internet, then go on to talk about it till the end of time. You can say im writing a blog post about it so in fact I care allot. Yeah, I care about my blog not the people that does whatever it is to me, I dont care for them. To be honest its not my business if they think im competition or jealous, I care because if I don't I wouldn't have a blog *smiley face*, and I do enjoy blogging or challenging what I think on topics random or not. I cant put makeup on my face every time I need a new blog post.... well I can but it dont feel right for me. Anywho, I may as well talk about things that is on my mind at that time or I can talk about things that can be on everybody elses mind and my views on it.


DollieFacee said...

I completely agree with this! A lot of people should take the jealousy they have for someone, and take it like you said, as something to inspire themselves to get better. Don't tear them down because of your own jealousy.

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

I think this can be worked for anything negative. There is a study where you can make stress healthy by tricking your body to think that its an exercise. Positivity is very strong, its just hard to learn and stick with XD