Monday, October 7, 2013

Why a critique is still good even after backlash (oh yeah there is screenshots)

Come one come all, sit and listen to my tales and experiences on critiquing another who will more than likely hate you after, even maybe a little worst. If you give an "honest" opinion to many at a time it has a chance for the round table gathering of why that person (you) is the worst person to come onto tis earth and all of a sudden magically have two faces of an ugly ogre. Well not ogre more like drag queen which honestly not an insult especially when directed towards me.

Tangent : Can we work on that first? Why is drag queen an insult nowadays or realated to someone they obviously hate who also does makeup?
Okay worst case scenario the drag queen insult means I look like a man in makeup. So what's so insulting on calling me a man?
-In doing so do people magically avoid me because I look like a man or someone called me a man? Nah son.
-Do people avoid men? I don't think so, not for no reason.
-Do people avoid others for makeup? Nope.

Usually men who do makeup has a huge following and support.

Wayne Goss, Perfect androgyny, Petrilude? All beautiful inspiring men who do makeup with a big heart and huge following. Where is the insult, up their arse that is.
So I have the skills of a drag queen, a big heart, a following and confidence to rock.
That is awesome. I won't complain if I look like Ru Paul either who would?

Though I think they are confusing drag from androgynous people which is an honest mistake. I guess I'm originally a boy who look drastically like a girl, no problem there. Nothing wrong with being a man doing my makeup and mistakenly being called a girl constantly. Actually no one ever called me a boy outside the internet how odd.

Cowards can't find any relevancy to why they hate you other than their personal feelings and problems. Not like I bombed a plane full of kittens. Really only people that was butt hurt from my honesty called me "drag"  also the obvious jealousy of others. If this the worst they can call me I'm shocked. If that's all I'll have to worry about well damn I'm honored, I wish most girls had my luck. /tangent

You still there? This will happen allot the tangents, I love to break apart words even though I don't understand most of it much
 These are real people this time compared to my Komi xi post who is well know, my vivi jochan one which who I thought disappeared into the lens flare to never return which lead to why the post happened. Figures someone told me I'll revive it but didn't think with the same name at least, how odd again. And chaudie who also disappear but as we learn for vivi maybe wants a revival (btw be careful who you talk to cause she loves to pull info from other gals). These are normal "hint normal" girls who wants a shoe in the community. .

So why do I still critique girls after the butt hurt and backlash of others? Well I just love helping people and enjoy their progression. That feeling of "hey I helped her grow and become more confident." I have quit critiqing many times by the over reaction from girls like these (((

I blocked their names because they are fairly new and may have a chance to change....but so far not one piece of progress whatsoever. Not one. 

Sidenote:she knows she's tight that she can't go to one of the greatest cities next to only few in the world. It's like me being banned from Paris, or London or Tokyo. Hey she can go but not one of hte gals like her so best case she will try hard to find starters to hang with which are usually young girls who can't lend her a room to sleep....a shame she can't afford a hotel.

Here is one Example in the gyaru group she was told you can't mix ulzzang and gyaru

my response was onto why a main big gal member left the group. 
it matches this post perfectly

(there is a post about that I'm suppose to do about gyaru ulzzang whatever. but there is a name out there for it)-She then went to another group complaining about the girls of the group and called them bitches. Didn't expect me to speak up about it, guessing she's used to people keeping quite. Made sure to whom she was calling bitches and kept asking and kept asking, she attacked me like I called her grandmother a stinking pile of dung. She back tracked sheepishly after and showed off how displeased she was, she then said the community is bitchy.

She takes joy in a picture because someone out there feels her pain. *Fake cries* why, why did I go up to her face and called her out WHY!!! How fake can I be? Moving along

Here is another who wanted to do a radio show and one of her subjects is about gyaru.

We...I mean they told her, no that's impossible since she was basic and in order to understand it atleast try it. This has happened before and became a flop with another girl. Guess she didn't like their opinions but since im related and friend to the group of people I guess im one of them. That and you need to brown nose the impersonator.

And this main one here is worst.  Lets show you how she deals with people


Notice not once she mentions where she can get it...well I think because she loves the knowledge she loves that power over someone because with out it she has nothing left. Someone else has to be at fault as well so she can make profit
you are ruining it for the rest of us. Yet she cant tell these girls where to get the garter?
So I gave an alternative. Help from the community itself <3 br="">

She dont like that though
And gave some bull information. 
so if she s not there to help the community with information, or sales what is she there for?
She also attack a new friend of mine thinks to her and called his item fake, she went to another user also and tried to sell her stuff...RIGHT ON THE POST. How disrespectful.

Lies, back stabs and my favorite, you say something that don't belong in the ass kissing formula and she will erases it . You tell her what you think of how she attacks towards other people and she blocks you then complain on her Facebook to these same friend that have fell into the catergory.
If you do look at the original G_S post I didnt insult her, she insulted herself while blatantly insulting someone else. And if she erases it...well. You should know id have screened it. Have to admit, Dennis rodman is the most original thing shes said yet as an insult. Nothing else is on her
*HAD TO DO IT* Come on give me one, just one.

And you know what's funny these are the types to say "say it to my face" but run away from internet confrontation. I feel that off the internet you meet them and you blow in their faces, they will flea. Call them out on their bullshit and they won't confront their problems they will deny it, run from it or blame it on you. So I'll talk behind their backs, not the way they do it but publicly here or with others that has problems but with something different, PROOF. Save some convos for proof because this he said she said don't work.


They do NOT define the girls you can make into beauty as they try to participate[ate and improve, there are actually girls out there that wants the help and even though there is one brave girl out of the gallons of fools, that's enough to keep going. Of course you'll mostly get fools, I imagine these girls to never been told what's right, and usually their maturity level can not handle critique. But hey thats what children do, they will grow. The things I did about 4 years ago I am not proud of, and hopefully they will grow as well.

How to handle the butt hurt? laugh and then share your knowledge to people who are worthy of it.

How to spot the butt hurt delinquents before you critique.
-Are they always the victim? (Why bitches always after me) (all the teachers hate me)
-Do they insult others looks constaly out of the blue?
-Do they have to prove they are not bothered? (Haters, I'm living the life)
-Do they have status only about themselves and never of let's say, actual world problems? ***
-Are they lazy with makeup/ makeup looks/ coord? (Lashes = gyaru)
-Do they backtrack allot even though their original statement's obvious? ( I didn't mean this I meant that, yeah)***
-Are they friends with some but all of a sudden they never was friends. (She was an ugly bitch "anyway" I always wanted to etc...) "anyway" is the key point here. ******
-do they give up easily?
-can they handle honesty?
-are you afraid to critique them? (Cause you know they won't understand)
-do they quote things that don't concern them? (galuminati) seriously they have no clue of what that is.
-passive aggressive? ********
-do you have any time for our lord and savio....... Sorry, how did that get there.

****= major key points

Not everyone can handle honesty even if they say they want it, not everyone will like you after you try to help, not everyone will be thankful for the love you share with a certain style. There are tons of disrespectful children out there who wants your most beloved lifestyle as a victory pole to become more known and these are the girls with no effort behind it. There are girls who don't improve at all, but at least they never gave up or try for originality.

Don't let it stress you guys, dont let them ruin it for the rest of them and this is why you should keep critiquing yet still pick and choose the right people by watching the patterns. If one has a temper tantrum we are here to calm your nerves and move forward, and if people want to join the real galuminati *sparkle sparkle* -the real gals with the real heart to actually improve- they will have to prove it.

Seriously how do you rag on someone knowing that the family is everywhere in the community. And if you didn't care why talk about gals behind closed doors where they can't defend. Maybe because you know we can defend ourselevs, because you know we have proof of you idiocity, because we know you can't handle it, the real world, the real truth and the real confidence.
bet the rants will go to message now, and bet she will use stalking referring to me......I was sent these and thought it would be nice to have people learn from this.

Oh and that picture of me
 They literally made a whole blog to post that one picture of me, an tried to cover it with reblogs
the picture is still on the first page and this was gow long ago? Bet they may use it now.
Someone gave me a good idea on who this is...haha you you silly fly.
I see you, oh I see you.  hahaha ulzzangganster


Katie (Angel) said...

It's a maturity thing. The younger they are, the more they can't handle the critique. I regret that I was one of them, not so many years ago. Sometimes people critiques are unreasonable, most of the time they are extremely reasonable, the rest of time we are left with a lot of misunderstanding. There was time I posted a non-gyaru photo on a popteen magazine scan post, I got all this critique and whiplash on how to improve my "gyaru style" instead of calmly explaining, I lashed back and built a bad name for myself. Now I learned, that not everyone will get "it". Even in a recent post where I was satirically talking about becoming a black ulzzang, majority of people took it serious and gave me a ton of whiplash and critique. I learned to let people interpret as they want, an online war on things that aren't that serious is a waste of time.

As for erasing things: she obviously doesn't know Xiaxue's rules for social media. Never take back anything because it will always come back to bite you. That's same for erasing things.

In the end, the world isn't full of pretty unicorns. It's a cold world, I rather people to tell me the honest truth than to lie to my face. Because eventually I will fall flat on my face without guidance.

Momo said...

I saw that picture of you on Tumblr and wasn't really mad because it wasn't true at all, I was more like "WTF?! Glee is one of the top Black gyaru!" LOL, and I agree on the Drag Queen thing. I watch them all the time on YouTube and always say I would be one if I was born a boy or if I was better at makeup I'd be a female drag queen ;)

It's also because of the type of people/children you're talking about that I don't go on groups, of any kind, anymore because I just have a low tolerance for it. I was on a Photography group a while ago thinking "Okay these are Adults, I'm not gonna have to worry about any drama and since they've been doing it longer than me I'll get a tone of help, advice and maybe make more friends" Well turns out I prefer the "bitchy" and "catty" people over doubags anyday -___-

With girls at least they read what you're typing to them and then reply to what you said, but since photography seems to have more males in it than females, I couldn't handle all the guys jumping on me for stupid stuff and lashing out at me without even listening to what I said to them (which wasn't anything rude or what I've seen in your blog post).

So I agree with what Katie has commented, it's a maturity thing because age doesn't matter for that and all those guys in that group were at least in their 40's or older. Seeing stuff like this just makes me wish the internet was more like it was back when not that many people used it *sigh*

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

I kind of was one of them but I think it was because I was an artist that i would get constant critique. So through that I was already conditioned to accept critique. But other than that even though I know the percentage of gals that are younger cant take critique are higher, I cant follow that rule completely only because there can be one young gal that can take the critique but wont get it because of the percentage who cant take it. So its unfair to her.

But I see what you are saying and oddly enough Crystal just posted a blog post about this. I guess I also learned from that responce way back. When I started gyaru I made sure to explain on each one of my pictures and videos that my look was "inspired" by gyaru and not gyaru. Can you belive that? Even then I had the mentality to keep the people you are talking about away from my post. "I did say "inspired"" I can respond "I didnt say I was gyaru"

"As for erasing things: she obviously doesn't know Xiaxue's rules for social media." - this should be a wikipedia post

I disagree, I think you can make your own world pretty. You'll just have to know the right kind of ignorance and where to keep your world. But of course youll have to take a trip back to reality to keep sane as well. Its a balance ying and yang, you cant live without either <3

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

I had the same reaction, and I think female drag is called Drag King, but then again youll have to look like a boy XD.

And glad you brought up another group other than gyaru, we forget that not only gyaru can be this way ALL groups can. Just we cant see it because we are not there. BUT You are surprising me with the male responses, I never knew that males can be just as bad if not worst.

OMG I am shocked, 40 year old men? You should write a big blog post about them and how the gyaru community is tame compared.

Momo said...

I looked it up once but forgot what it's called, they're real though and have their own shows just like the male ones LOL.

Ya, it's not just the Gyaru or fhashion groups ALL groups seem to have drama because of ignorant people wanting to start stuff since they have no life of their own I guess.

Oh and YES, older men can be very rude on the internet -__- I made a calm post about it before when they were basically saying I only joined to find out how to make short cuts into becoming a model or something, when all I asked were for tips on posing people for your photogrphy.

If you go on YouTube and look at the comments for some Photography videos, you can see that they're very rude to new people wanting to become photographers and anyone who's young because of all the people buying DSLR's and charging cheaper for photoshoots. But at least not all of them are like that, there are still some very helpful people who actually like to help the newbies out and link them to websites etc.