Monday, October 28, 2013

Suki Vitamin-e Lipgloss: Asian Product on African Skin

I have three products I have reviewed here, 2 came in one package and its an off brand drugstore called "Dolly  Dolly". 
They dont sell them anymore because its crap I suppose. 
To make things clear I didn't Photoshop or touch the lips in the result pictures.
 Suki came in such a pretty box I didnt want to throw it away.
 The English is as horrendous as mine but they're right; it is soft and moisturizing. It feels really good on the lips.

But first the "Dolly Dolly"

 Two in a pack and it was around 5$ I think. My lips are bare here.
 Put it on......
 .....and not much of a change yet this is the most pigmented on the two.
 Nope, its a waste for an over sea product.

 Lips bare again.
 Here comes the "Suki"
 And there is a change even on my lips.
 Its very pretty, a subtle yet natural look
I also gave it a gradient by putting a more pigmented red on the inner parts of my lips and it looks amazing.

 You can tell which is the suki.

 Ill be using the suki as a lip balm and the "Dolly" As back up in separate bags.
Here are the more dolly pictures

Excuse the wig it was around 12$ on ebay.
 Im going to give it a second soak in conditioner when im not lazy.
Okay I love you bye bye ~


David Wilson said...

You look very pretty! I Love it when women take the time to make themselves look even more beautiful with the use of makeup.Your blog is really nice too... The Best to you :)

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you so much. Makeup is art im glad women can be creative in general is very zen to take time and be happy. Thank you so much david for leaving a comment <3

DollieFacee said...

ugh The Dolly glosses are crap XD I love the Suki on you though, nicely pigmented. I need a nice red gloss and a red lipstick. Any recommendations on the lipstick?