Thursday, October 3, 2013

i.Fairy Tofi Gold Circle Lens



Natural Night pictures with the lens

 So this was for the Hannah birthday meet. I should have a post of that later on.
The lens can go from yellow to green to hazel. Its a natural type of lens for me.
Ill be getting a bright yellow one next, close to my previous grey ones. 

The comfort is not that great. Its a -3/5- because it feels like it needs a week worth soak. 
But they are so beautiful, ill keep wearing them till I get the bright yellow in the future. 
Like I said, these are natural type lens for me.

They dont ship very fast in my opinion. I paid 13$ for fast shipping and I live in the city where mail is shipped and would reach the next day. It should of gotten to me in 3 days or less right after purchase. I used paypal, paid in the morning of Friday and they didn't ship it till Monday, then I got it like Thursday. 

Its fast but not fast enough for 13$ in the city

 But I will order again since they have allot of i.Fairy brands
and their customer service is excellent.

the comfort is whats bothering me but I think it just need some more time to soak.


Pinkie said...

These look absolutely gorgeous on you! I adore your natural hair too <3

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you <3