Monday, October 28, 2013

Suki Vitamin-e Lipgloss: Asian Product on African Skin

I have three products I have reviewed here, 2 came in one package and its an off brand drugstore called "Dolly  Dolly". 
They dont sell them anymore because its crap I suppose. 
To make things clear I didn't Photoshop or touch the lips in the result pictures.
 Suki came in such a pretty box I didnt want to throw it away.
 The English is as horrendous as mine but they're right; it is soft and moisturizing. It feels really good on the lips.

But first the "Dolly Dolly"

 Two in a pack and it was around 5$ I think. My lips are bare here.
 Put it on......
 .....and not much of a change yet this is the most pigmented on the two.
 Nope, its a waste for an over sea product.

 Lips bare again.
 Here comes the "Suki"
 And there is a change even on my lips.
 Its very pretty, a subtle yet natural look
I also gave it a gradient by putting a more pigmented red on the inner parts of my lips and it looks amazing.

 You can tell which is the suki.

 Ill be using the suki as a lip balm and the "Dolly" As back up in separate bags.
Here are the more dolly pictures

Excuse the wig it was around 12$ on ebay.
 Im going to give it a second soak in conditioner when im not lazy.
Okay I love you bye bye ~

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Why come to gyaru if you want to be NORMAL? Talking to mirrors

Not really a rant, just more of questions and answers to help me move on:  think of it as having a conversation out loud to the mirror then felling better in the end ^x^

I dont get these certain types, what is the point? If they lack the skills in makeup or dont want to take the effort and rather the style to dumb itself down to a popteen model or to a normal looking American girl, Japanese girl, Italian girl, etc. Why go for that look in the first place if it already exist. Why would I fly my interest into the Asian culture overseas in makeup for NORMAL MAKEUP LOOKS. Why? It is here already in the fashion mags and guess what the facial features are here as well so its easier for me to be a normal faced girl with other girls who looks like me in the magazines here. But for me to fly my interest across the world to find normal is a bit odd.

I can maybe tell you why.  
The Gyaru name; The name and the popularity of the community. Get more blog hits, more people to talk too about the new fad and trend overseas, have something interesting to talk about because in their heads its a fad. But they never had makeup in mind and that is why they want to just do normal makeup and get away with it.

just plain lazy and need approval fast.  They wouldn't see it but just like here in the states the magazines will take a fad and make it plain enough for the majority because its "new" compared to jeans and a shirt or pencil skirt and a dress shirt or American apparel styled Highschooler . You think the gyaru community is bad? Try to be Goth with the way magazines portray it and join a hard core goth community; they would rip you apart.

Here is another reason; wanna be Japanese.
I don't really have to explain the extreme weeaboo-isms

Thats three but why do you think these types of people want the gyaru title? For now im not really caring to title myself im just going to be all the gyarus-

Thanks to Olivia for this meme
And if I feel im pizza gyaru, then I am a pizza gyaru that day.  Put some pastel in there and im pastel gyaru, I may bring back the fro gyaru, and sprinkle a little spiked gyaru.

What they dont see is the trend dying in the future, I see another udoli happening if anything. At least its easier to do tutorials now. I guess im still hanging on for the fun part because gyaru started my change and if it was what it was right now id be fairy kei or just pastel goth because its different which was the point of gyaru. Like those tumblr styles along with lolita there is a simple guideline to follow and with that its nice to see an army of lolitas walking past, even with the different personalities, colors and styles they still look uniformed and tight as a community (even with the drama). But what community dont have drama? I would love to know. Still, I cant point out any gyaru from the streets if it ever going to happen here. How can anyone if I cant? Lashes and blush? Even with a DIA belt I wont see it.

Whats the point of calling yourself gyaru with whats going on?
Its a simple question. Its like me calling my self gaijin in japan as to calling myself girl in America. "hey what style is this?" "Its the girl style!" And that is what gyaru is going to be. Hopefully the full makeup work out real gals whos into the art will change the name to something more fitting. Can we rename it Queen so at least they know it involves lots of makeup? OMG NEW TUMBLR TAG Gyaru Queen I think I solved my own problem and before you know it youll just drop the gyaru and call it gal queen or queen. Any girl with well made makeup is Gal Queen, atleast people would understand that here drag queens are a big inspiration anyway and gal queen sounds like a girl version with plenty of makeup.


Still im all the gyarus.


one of them.
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scar Cosplay makeup video and pictures


 There is not much to say, the video says it all I guess. We had fun we ate we sleep we got our cosplays on Getty images. My tumblr blogs have all of the other post




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Monday, October 7, 2013

Why a critique is still good even after backlash (oh yeah there is screenshots)

Come one come all, sit and listen to my tales and experiences on critiquing another who will more than likely hate you after, even maybe a little worst. If you give an "honest" opinion to many at a time it has a chance for the round table gathering of why that person (you) is the worst person to come onto tis earth and all of a sudden magically have two faces of an ugly ogre. Well not ogre more like drag queen which honestly not an insult especially when directed towards me.

Tangent : Can we work on that first? Why is drag queen an insult nowadays or realated to someone they obviously hate who also does makeup?
Okay worst case scenario the drag queen insult means I look like a man in makeup. So what's so insulting on calling me a man?
-In doing so do people magically avoid me because I look like a man or someone called me a man? Nah son.
-Do people avoid men? I don't think so, not for no reason.
-Do people avoid others for makeup? Nope.

Usually men who do makeup has a huge following and support.

Wayne Goss, Perfect androgyny, Petrilude? All beautiful inspiring men who do makeup with a big heart and huge following. Where is the insult, up their arse that is.
So I have the skills of a drag queen, a big heart, a following and confidence to rock.
That is awesome. I won't complain if I look like Ru Paul either who would?

Though I think they are confusing drag from androgynous people which is an honest mistake. I guess I'm originally a boy who look drastically like a girl, no problem there. Nothing wrong with being a man doing my makeup and mistakenly being called a girl constantly. Actually no one ever called me a boy outside the internet how odd.

Cowards can't find any relevancy to why they hate you other than their personal feelings and problems. Not like I bombed a plane full of kittens. Really only people that was butt hurt from my honesty called me "drag"  also the obvious jealousy of others. If this the worst they can call me I'm shocked. If that's all I'll have to worry about well damn I'm honored, I wish most girls had my luck. /tangent

You still there? This will happen allot the tangents, I love to break apart words even though I don't understand most of it much
 These are real people this time compared to my Komi xi post who is well know, my vivi jochan one which who I thought disappeared into the lens flare to never return which lead to why the post happened. Figures someone told me I'll revive it but didn't think with the same name at least, how odd again. And chaudie who also disappear but as we learn for vivi maybe wants a revival (btw be careful who you talk to cause she loves to pull info from other gals). These are normal "hint normal" girls who wants a shoe in the community. .

So why do I still critique girls after the butt hurt and backlash of others? Well I just love helping people and enjoy their progression. That feeling of "hey I helped her grow and become more confident." I have quit critiqing many times by the over reaction from girls like these (((

I blocked their names because they are fairly new and may have a chance to change....but so far not one piece of progress whatsoever. Not one. 

Sidenote:she knows she's tight that she can't go to one of the greatest cities next to only few in the world. It's like me being banned from Paris, or London or Tokyo. Hey she can go but not one of hte gals like her so best case she will try hard to find starters to hang with which are usually young girls who can't lend her a room to sleep....a shame she can't afford a hotel.

Here is one Example in the gyaru group she was told you can't mix ulzzang and gyaru

my response was onto why a main big gal member left the group. 
it matches this post perfectly

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