Wednesday, September 18, 2013


My little brother and omg Baby ,the person I work with on the costumes, drunk in the back XD
 Hey, I am still busy. I have a convention to get ready for (NYCC 2013 im going as the Disney villain scar my friend the little mermaids villain) and all my free time was used for the labor day parade. I hardly drew thats to tell you I was busy and tired and my sleep patterns was bothered. So I havent updated for awhile, but let me tell you every summer around the end of it may be like this so get used to it and after ill make it up to you with reviews-

-similar to these. And they will be prettier and more put together. Dont look for that in this post, this is just a update post with pictures of my past weekends and weeks. ELF will have a review as well of course glamafied up, anyway please continue-

 Umm, blogger didn't load the pictures in order and its already a crappy post so lets make it crappier by staying lazy and not organizing by hand.

 I want to make close up pictures of My DIA belt and Glad news sweater from the Gal sales on facebook. I want to shout out the sellers properly.

 That shirt and that smile

 The sushi is amazing here and there is always room to sit and eat.

 So, we ordered the tiramisu and cappuccino gelato and the woman that resemble Ann Hathaway before the makeover in princess diaries (she was adorable and peppy) asked if we wanted heavy whipped cream. Our eyes widen, our mouths dropped, and we looked at each other then back at her. "There's an option?" I said "YES!" Spaz replied. 
 And god it was good

 We was amused by how chocolate was enjoying chocolate and this white lady started dying in the corner. Like she wasn't expecting to laugh as we said it out loud. It was hilarious.

 Loved how Spaz recognized I was taking pictures int he background

 You know you want it, it know you want it.....Well I had to take pictures it was my first experience with these things. They are pretty BUT LORD they were sweet, well most of them, I only liked two because they were more savory and creamy.

 Makeup for apple picking

 Cosplay stuff

 And back to the parade pictures (these are not for labor day these are for the long island west indian parade with more room to dance.

Okay I love you bye bye ^. ~
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