Friday, August 23, 2013

Ebay lashes top and bottom review

Persona Lee.

 I use lighter top lashes for my bottom lashes, it gives that big eye gyaru look. I can't use the flimsy made for bottom lashes lashes especially if I want them to show. On darker skin you'll have to pump up the volume of your lashes to see it. All my natural lash do is fall in my eye, you can not see it even with mascara.

Ebay name and price
-The shipping was very fast, under a week.
 The packaging for both the lashes made it more fun to buy. I didn't expect the design of the box to influence me on taking care of the lashes compared to that plain white box with blue letters.
-The extra Three dollars for a thinner band and lighter lashes is worth it. 
-Its easy to control and bend around your eyes and easier to glue on.

 Now imagine two pairs on top, I don't have it here but it would give me the look im looking for.
But for natural and a everyday look, its perfect by itself.

 Same seller

 A prettier box

 For bottom lashes I look for the top lashes that has a separated dolly look.

It was scary to buy because I only tried it once before (using top as bottom lashes)

Too much glue

 My plan has worked. These top lashes works well for Gyaru bottom lashes.

That was kind of my ulzzang (natural) to Gyaru (glamorous) only using lashes. 

~Okay I love you bye bye~


Kitsune said...

I don't know how you get them on so good, they look great :3 So far my experience with eBay lashes has been great, but the ones meant for lower lash can sometimes be a little plain. I really like your idea though :3

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Its still hard to get on or get bottom on exactly like the other XD
And yeah eBay is my baby with lashes. If you go to any beauty store on pair of these lashes would be the price of these 10 pairs all together. So when it comes to lashes eBay is the way.

and thank you hopefully you can use it <3

Sapphire said...

I also buy eBay lashes, they're such a great price! I've never tried bottom lashes, i ordered some individual lashes but they were so tiny and i just couldn't glue them on >__<

♥ Little Owl Diary

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

I think individual lashes would be way too tedious for me, but I should try it out one day <3

Sapphire said...

They're really difficult to apply! Like insanely difficult haha

♥ !