Friday, July 12, 2013

Update: July 12

header made by Sai I think

Dont worry I am still going to get that wig to review, its just so many things in between 
and on top of that I may have soon either

loads of pictures from the summer meet tomorrow 
Video footage of the meet
Hosted by Saiharii and some Malia 

So ill have some blogging to do, but here is a heads up


Some of you know already i'll be working on costumes for the labor day parade (mentored by baby I was the designer but next time ill have to do everything alone T.T) so summer blogs may not be updated as much as it suppose to. I also have a cosplay I have not started on yet ugh. But im happy and im busy that the best way to live life, for me at least I am so thankful

Think this is the first time I posted my mom <3 br="">Baby lates on the far left and her husband in the middle with me


Starbright Dreams said...

Aw, the kids' outfits look like the one for Kadooment in my country.