Sunday, July 28, 2013

Persona Lee: Lash Picture Review

So I decided I wanted to make preety pictures and I didnt want to be fake, or Glee be fake. So I made a persona "Lee" (which is a favorite name from the fifth element not from glee) so I can photoshop the hell out of her and people will know it was photoshopped without me posting photoshopped. Photoshop for lee is just the blur. There is no altering of my eye shape, nose or mouth. I dont believe in that and I want to look as human as I can if anything...even though in all honestly I like the vampire look.

Vampires was once human though, right?

I never understood lashes over the price of 5$ not including shipping.

But lets see whats the fuss

Ever tried bitting them open?

Here they are.

there are a difference, but nothing special.

these tongs are the best, 2$ on ebay.

one is longer than the other

they are cute

but not worth the 18$

So I will be stacking them on top my 5$ lashes I just got from ebay. 
I think ill review those next time and will provide the ebayer I got them from. They are so pretty.

I also drew some fan art im thinking of making into a shirt for myself. I see allot of characters being remade into punk, goth and pastel goth characters. I want a bubbles one

and in the process of coloring 


YukaAsuna said...

I buy cheap chinese lashes for ~$1.5 from ebay, shipping is free. I had wanted to buy false lashes similar to these described in your review (they look more natural than ) but I decided to keep my old box. xd
Vampires! ^_^ To prevent a man (redhead/a man with 6th finger/ a man with double teeth) from becoming a vampire after his death (or before), people bound his body and pierced it with a wooden stake. While legs of dead people were pointing east (where Jesus should appear before the Last Judgment), "vampires" were buried without care. After a few days of burying a "vampire", villagers cut off his head and buried it somewhere else.
I wish this girl from your art has her hair coloured light blue + purple. Just like her eyes! Blue + purple highlights *_*
Ah, I almost forgot to tell you about your necklace >_< Well, it looks like a symbol from Harry Potter - a stone, a cape and... I can't see a wand, but it's still similar.

Lolochan said...

The lashes are cuuute<3 Natural but cute. They would be good by themselves for work or days when you're too lazy to do gal. I like the overall style and wonder how they would look on rounder eyeshapes. Considering buying them but $18 lol nope! Anyway, the lashes look great on you!

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Its from iron man, but if it looks harry potter Im fine either way. Wish it hung the right side up though. Thanks for the link, my only problem with those kinds of lashes is the heavy band and that band is hard to glue and hard to flex, bend and stack. So i spend a little more for the clear or thin bands fir an easier experience.

The girl is bubbles from the powerpuff girls, I should of dip dyed her hair XD

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

<3 thank you XD
Yeah for work and lazy days...not worth 18 dollars its why I dont want dolly winks either, they are not full enough to be 18$ XD

TheLovelyIfy said...

Oooo I always wanted to try those on but I've been taking forever to purchase them. Nice to see how they look on you :)