Monday, July 1, 2013

Anastasiya Shpagina Inspo Anime Makeup Tutorial

Some pictures from that day, heavily photoshopped for the anime look cause it seems like people dont give a damn. It was fun, but please dont think any of those doll pictures are not photoshopped. 


Looks like I put a bit of my style on it


Mercedes~~With Just A Hint said...

I think it looks good with and without photoshop. I love that purple hair!!

Starbright Dreams said...

I love it, as a big Anastasiya fan you're one of the few people who do her look justice. I know you wear the wig before the tut, but I feel like it's like putting your own spin on it than going for the same red as Anastasiya.

sara serna martinez said...

I love how u contour your noise *o* <3 love it :3