Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flatform Platforms for bigger feet YRU Qozmo's

Have you ever heard of maxstar? Well its a site where you can buy various sizes of shoes from converse look-a-likes to platform converse look-a-likes or as we should say, "flatform" sneakers. They never have shoes sizes over 9 and when they do its the lowest platform and the most basic looking flatforms.

Lets look at the word flatforms. Who else knew that was the real name for SpiceGirl's platform sneakers? When did they change this? I hate heels enough now they took my favorite shoe identity? That sucks for people who lived in the 80's because when looking for that childhood friend called "platforms" they applied it to those damn heels and changed the original name to flatforms. So when I am googling for it now I get these damn heels. ARGH.
~That was a mini rant by me 

Beyond that, these are the sneakers I've been looking for for years , even before pastel goth had them Ive been looking for them and with the new craze of them id swear they would had my shoe size by now. I already have trouble finding cute new styles for my feet size and this style which had been around way longer than pastel goth, there is no shoe size over 9 in women's......until now. 

Y.R.U seems like a new company. I discovered it on tumblr and so glad I did. Now for sizing, here is how you choose....or here is how I chose.   - Here is their site (it has music on it so watch out)
And here is how you pick your size, they are all different on how you should choose.
You find the shoe style you want and before you google search for other shops with better prices you check the size

My shoes specifically runs a half size bigger than normal women size. That means if I have a size 9.5 shoe size I should get a 9.

Some other shoes on the site have it a full size bigger so you will have to research. 
With all the research I've done I got mine for 60$ in a local shop in the middle of Manhattan. It is why I got it in under 2 days. Its a sports shoe shop and I have no clue why they would have them....but they did because of my research. I mention the name in the video. 

Comfort: 9.5/10
The extra .5 lost in comfort is in fear of one foot falling sideways. Its easier to do it on one foot but you'll get the hang of it...this is not for the sneakers but for high flatforms in general. The sneakers is a perfect fit.

Style: 10/10
I can wear this in a dress, to jeans, to sweats...cant wear it in a wedding dress but I would. 
I love them so much

Material: 9/10
Dog hair and lint is attracted to the platform (the bottom part). But can be taken off easily with tape.  
It also have a few bumps where the glue is applied but its kind of like a handmade so dont mind it also you have to be very close to see it

Price: 10/10
worth it
but if you are a cheepo like me you'll know how to research, I gave you the map, its easy to find. 

Video has me walking in it and its also an unboxing

Finally my big feet girls can get plat......FLATforms <.< 
Hope I helped. 


Kitsune said...

I have pretty much pulled out my hair stressing over my foot size and the lack of platforms in my size, this is so helpful! This post will hopefully save my shoeless feet (I only wear Docs...)

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Im so glad I can help. Its been killing me over the years.

Naomi Chan said...

ahahah as i said in your youtube channel! You are looking like a kid, oppening pressents ehehehe

Michelle Belle said...

you mentioned in this post that in the youtube video you will say where you got these but I didnt hear it in vode. can you please tell me? also I am a size 7.5/8. what size your you recommend for me in these? =)