Saturday, June 8, 2013

Boston Con Pt2: Food and outfits

So we get to boston and the first thing we do is go to the cheesecake factory which is right in the hotel and in this same hotel is the convention. There is no reason to leave the hotel because everything is there for you; Starbucks, barnes and nobles, food, convention, it is like a small town. Every time we get to the town, we chow down.

So convention time. If you want to see all the cosplay pictures it in my last two post. Here I am under the queens dress.

I dont know whats wrong with us.

My pet peeve are the weeaboos again. Every year the convention in boston gets stricter and stricter only because of people who dont follow common sence. On the pamphlet given to us it specifically state not to draw on your windows especially with soap (and so many other things like to bathe and such). So because of this we will have to feel it next time in maybe more fees or we wont be accepted. 

Another thing they are extremly rude, more then once my boyfriend is surprised that the workers or servers are surprised at him being nice to them...LIKE SAYING PLEASE AND THANK YOU REALLY IS THAT HARD?!!!

Looks like a rap CD cover. I forgot I had Vine and you will see later how much better it is when showing off your outfits and makeup.

I can only wear NYC shirts outside of NYC XD


Lamb burger

Jesus it was delicious 

I think we been to Starbucks every day. I always get the mocha latte 
(because they have nothing related to dark chocolate)
I always get it hot because then later on I can add my own ice. 
That way you get two kinds of drinks.


Eating the rest of my lamb burger

Another day after the con

I got this shirt right in the convention

And the Zelda Heart Container necklace EEEEEEEEEE

Seen this place on the food network
It was FREEZING that day, and it was the only time we got out the hotel.


My next cosplay 

Honey, yes everything was perfect.

 See how much better it is with vine

And now here is Spaz doing those dance routines they do on stairs. 

It was pretty gloomy and cold for most of it, but it didnt matter cause of the hotel combo

 My gets

Im Phillicia Deanell On vine btw

~Okay bye


Starbright Dreams said...

The food looks beyond good, all my hopes and dreams rolled into one and presented on a plate. I love your blonde curly wig, it really suits you too.

Momo said...

I had no idea the weeaboo's were that bad at cons, I already can't handle them when I have a class with them or have to deal with them online >__< That sucks that people have to pay more and have to deal with rude workers just because of them not being able to act like they have some sense, sigh. Love your face in the fisr picture thoug LOL and glad you got to buy some cool stuff =)

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

I would love the job of food blogging if I can ever do it XD. Food porn is life <3
And thank you ^^

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Me neither till I kept attending conventions and it became more and more obvious. Before they (or we cause I used to be one) was hidden shy groups that had anime in common. Now they would think they are better than others because others wont/dont like what they liked.

But I had fun otherwise haha, thank you <3

PrincessRune said...

Damn, I love those blue lenses on you!

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

<3 thank you.
I stay away from blue lenses because Im too tired to argue the "trying to be white" argument.

PrincessRune said...

That..that fucking feel

Chanel said...

Finally refound your blog. I swear losing bookmarks sucks...
Anyways.. UNF datwig.jpg lol That wig looks so good on you! And that food so delicious!

And I shall follow you on VINE though I fail at using mine and will probably mainly be of concerts and my hamster twerking.

Also do you have a instagram?