Saturday, June 1, 2013

1st Summer Giveaway: Sponsored by Kiwiberry1-collection


So Im finally posting the give away guys and its so much work SO MUCH WORK to do, but here is is the give away kindly sponsored by Kiwiberry1-collections 

One winner will receive

- 1 pair lens (Winner chooses diameter size & color preference. Our staff will choose the model)
- 1 box lashes (randomly chosen by our staff)
- 1 exclusive 50% discount code to shop at (code will be sent to winner via email. (code will be sent to winner via email. Expires in 6 months after winner receives code/one time use)
-And a hand made choker from HeirOfGlee, worth around 20$

 Entry rules :
1) 'Like' our facebook fanpage:

2a) Follow us on twitter & Retweet this giveaway with mention @kiwiberry1:     

Or if you dont have twitter

2b)Post a blog post about the give away 
(Banner will below)

3) Comment on why you are following me Blog and or Youtube Giveaway video

Giveaway ends June 30

~maybe I should study up on graphic design so my posters would look more better XD~


Momo said...

I follow your blog because it's great quality and professional, I love your content and the desing/style. You always post about intreasting stuff and inspire me to keep doing my best with my own blog and to keep improving. Your outfits, cosplay, art and makeup etc. are really fun to look at and just make me feel happy LOL. Not to mention you're really nice and always reply to your followers.

Ophelia said...

I follow your blog cause... I want to haha. No but I follow your blog because of the reviews you do because it has been very helpful in choosing my own circle lenses and seeing what colors would go best with ma skin tone. I also follow your blog because of your make-up style and tutorials because I generally like the moar dramatic make up styles and not the onee dolly kei styles that i tend to see form a lot of bloggers. Basically I follow your blog cause I like the things you dooo~

Sapphire said...

Liked on facebook and followed/tweeted! ^.^

I've been following your blog for a few months now, i love your reviews, articles and your artwork. I like everything about your blog and we have a lot in common!

♥ Little Owl Diary

Nicole Heath said...

I followed your blog because I found your video's on Youtube and you taught me that it is okay to be an African American female and love Japanese culture. You taught me that I wasn't alone and there are other girls out there just like me who like to cosplay and play around with Japanese makeup styles. Also I followed your blog and subscribed to you on Youtube because I love learning new ways to perfect gyaru makeup from you andI love how you take the time to figure out what works for black gyaru's so we don't make the mistakes ourselves.

Mai said...

Followed because I always loved these products and all the art. I myself wish I could make something as coll as this and the site. I was following you a bit before this but now a bonus of a contest. Good luck everyone =D

NaijaBarbie said...

I'm following you because you are a distinct individual our here in the blogging comm. You're a unique blogger that I can point out and of course you're a black girl in the Japanese fashion community which is dope. You're original :)

kuroreiko-chama said...

I'm following you because you're a huge inspiration to me. I discovered you on deviantart about two or three years ago and instantly fell in love with your style. As soon as I found your blog I fangirled a bit! XD Your style is so unique and amazing and I look forward to your youtube videos and blogposts. ^w^

Ranheron said...

Hello, I've been following you for a while, just found this contest, just in time it seems. What I love most about your blog are convention and events coverages. You make really great photos and your and yours friends' costumes are pretty. It is great to see how these meetings look like. Oh and besides, all these delicious food photos, everything looks so yummy. Greetings from Europe

YukaAsuna said...

And subscribed as Yuka some time ago 8_8