Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sakura Matsuri 2013/ Gyaru anniversary

Its finally been a whole year since I was gal. I was officially gyaru when I went to the last Sakura Matsuri event or an attempt gal. Im only uploading these pictures early because I have other gals pictures in here as well.

Also you may be seeing this wig more in the future. I love it so much, I may have to help it in the back a little.

So here is my outfit but there are better pictures, so ill explain later.

Here are some other gals. 
Cara, Hannah, rin and I forgot the other one.

------Oh here is a better look------
Candy red shoes I have gotten off of eBay
Cross top from Rainbows
Pleather tights off eBay
Belt off eBay
Harness Ive made myself
Wig off eBay
Leather jacket from H&M

and boobs by Victoria secret

Here is hannahs sister. Dont think she has an official name for herself yet so I forgot her real name XD

In all lights the wig looks good, at times it looks overpowering, but does it look like I care?

Have gotten allot of compliments and only ugly looks from ugly faces. My father told me of a tale about the fox who called the grapes sour because it couldnt get them. Meaning for people who can not pull it (the wig) off, they will call it names of give a sour look only because they cant get away with it.

He also said ugly people are not really open to new ideas. Its why they are ugly they wont change their ways or try something new that might compliment them. Now ugly dont only mean appearance. Would you consider a racist ugly because they are just not open to new cultures or people? I do.

crystal gem

Im glad even in shadow as dark as I am the color still fits me....I NEED MORE. 
My boyfriend wants to see green on me badly.

Dont eat their hamburgers, no seasoning as hannah put it. 

 and the bottom of the salad was bitter, too bitter.

I hate my smile lines and I wonder how to cover them with makeup because makeup makes them worst 
and I wouldn't stop laughing.

This is too much haha. 
The sun and the lens glare.

Yeah the back of the wig ill have to do something. I will fail but I should at least try.

this is Malia ~Finally get to meet her

Okay food part

And thats her girlfriend boy she can eat.

Amber and Rio

Look ate the gradient from Malia to me 

everything was so good. 
The sake was not bad, was making me sleepy them woke me back up on the second one

I wore lens when I wasnt suppose to and I refuse to take them out till home. Im feeling it now

......okay I love you bye bye~


Momo said...

OMG this post makes me jelly for so many reasons but you and the other gals look great!! =D I don't think it would be racist if someone said they didn't like your wig/style, for some people maybe, but I think most of the time its because they just don't understand or are closed minded =/

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you Momo. No I meant as a person that is racist, not a person that see my wig and see it as idk not a black thing. I see racist in general as ugly no matter what you are. XD

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you <3

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Yesh, more warmer at least

Momo said...

No problem & OH!! Never mind then, LOL. I still think it's a nice look though =)

Paul Carroll said...

Where did you get that wig? Oh my god if it comes in pink I'll die.