Monday, April 22, 2013

Lens review GnG ML1 Floral Pink

So i finally want to blog and blogger is acting up <<

I swear I had more detailed pictures of these stocked up before my mini hiatus. btw it wasn't really a hiatus I was just playing minecraft. It was relaxing and I tamed myself to not worry for once and you know what, I should do that more. I come back fresh and new.
 So onto the lens sponsored by kiwiberry1-collections (note to sell I have to buy my adult pinks again and I know where im going to get them XD)

Comfy is the biggest thing about these lens. I have been wearing ML1 non stop because, mostly I haven't been doing much. I went to the pillow fight with it for example because I wanted comfort yet still getting the look of big eyes. Shopping because it takes long shopping with my mother and things similar to that. I do not think I will ever go to an event with these lens unless I really didnt clean my other lens and this I can clean in under 1 minute and go on off. 

-It is very thin 
-very light 
-and perfect for every day activity...I mean come on it survived in a pillow fight. 

For normal people this is a 10/10
for outgoing people this is 5/10
for my freaks this is 3/10

Comfort 10/10
Design, pretty but not apparent 5/10
Noticeable? 4/10

Close enough for me <3 p="">


Momo said...

You look like a Doll in the pink hoodie pictures!

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you, im going more towards that look now ^^