Monday, April 22, 2013

Anime eyes, Outfits, Fro and Leather/ While I was gone

 So I made a quick tutorial only because I wanted to see how fast I can do it and if I can achieve that then I can make more video than ever.....I can. I really don't mind doing more of these, it is practice for my normal makeup and it keeps more content coming in. lets see if Ill stick to it. 

of course I phtoshopped I am suppose to look like an anime character. I didn't photoshop the eyes now that wouldn't make any sense since this is a tutorial.

My hair is actually a tiny bit bigger than this now but its getting to that badu status.
It was surprisingly soft.

I got my pleather shorts for the summer but decided to wear it for the first "feeling" of spring, meaning it felt like spring but wasn't the first day of spring. 

Same for the jacket and tights

I made new chokers, the lock-it is not for sale yet

but I made 2 more of these to sell and customize 

Maybe one day I can get enough to make harnesses for others.

I did an interview with another product im not sure ill be selling. Spike horns linked with chains.

and my boyfriend teased me with this iphone case that lights up...OMG <3333 p="">
I did some drawing

But havent figured out what to do with it of an artist.

So nothing much for the last two weeks except the pillow fight.


Momo said...

I thought your video was by Shun Tara at 1st while I was on YouTube & then I was like, OMG that's Glee!! XD LOL, you should def. do more videos because it was great =) And now I'm jelly of your hair because I'm still growing mine back >__<

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you paris <3

Sapphire said...

Hey there! I'm a new follower and i have to say your blog is amazing; black butler, beautiful artwork, makeup & fashion all on one blog? PERFECTION.
Love the Ciel makeup tutorial :3

Little Owl Diary

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

omgosh Hi! Thank you so much for following <3