Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Forgotten pictures; picture I forgot to post

I forget to post allot of things because editing is a pain and who isnt lazy these days. 
here are some pictures, also life through my eyes.

My dogs sleep in my room, so when shedding comes im never ready with all the black I wear.

I didn't even do my birthday post. My fathers hands and a knife painted with some red haha

pear jax with a home cooked Caribbean dinner. I see crab.

Tea and symphony 
An english tea place we love hang out. 
Omg the amount of different tea to choose from and the food is to die for. 
Its a tiny place and its homely, the owner have an no shit attitude, we like her.

strawberry jam with clotted cheese on scones <333333 p="">
I die, I die every time im there. We get quite when we eat.

We almost get a different designed pot, first time we got alice when this year is the alice cosplay.

The mashed potatoes and mac & cheese /macaroni pie 
bgoulgebfuhenwjlfh is my reaction.

boring winter outfits

also a birthday dish

hey the diva cup....I recommend it. The one best thing I can mention now is
...no ....smells
The natural deodorant?
no smells
Rose water?
awesome smell and a great makeup setter

I havent used lotion for years now. 
Only olive oil or coconut oil also coco butter. 
My fro is soft with shea butter, since I have coconut and olive oil for my skin 
I save the heavy shea for my hair.

I dont know why I dont post my sketches here. The final is on my DA or portfolio 
links on heirofglee.com 

my bro with my grandchild, the white one is the mother.



FAO Schwarz

brooklyn bridge

not too far from FAO

And thats it. 
Dug them out before deleting them from my computer

okay I love you bye bye ~


blacktear66687 said...

Hey you. I hope you had a great birthday. Happy belated birthday!!! The Alice in wonderland teapot are really cute. The sketches are very good. I love your drawnings ^^ Have a nice day

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you so much for everything. Have a nice day yourself ^^