Monday, February 18, 2013

Proof that im a "Slytherin" and Goshikk

I do allot of crafting and forget to post my progress pictures or even take picture in the first place.
I still have the "bag with wings" picture to post, sooner or later, I just dont want to spam post on my blog. Here is my Kindle HD case and what I did to it.
 Mom know I love blue (I wanted black, she bought this) but its a nice change I fell for it anyway, just want the inside to be black.
Upside-down its a D for "Deanell"

I dont know what to put on the bottom part....maybe nothing.

HERES MY PROOF. Yes I hold this place accountable for my Harry Potter status...and thats about it I haven't been back on there for awhile XD. (thought I was a ravenclaw)

And here is my wand, Im still excited just looking at it.

As you may have already saw everywhere since I spam posted this everywhere, I have made Garter belts inspired by the gyaru brands D.I.A and MA*RS...........Yes I spam posted it everywhere cause for once im very proud of what I created, I had no shame......Okay a little. 

I have gold ones and im giving away one in a mini giveaway, right after I do a video of it. 
I may post pictures of it on my tumblr though....the art blog mostly but both usually.
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-I want to name the company "Goshikk" after Goshikku meaning gothic. Dropped the "u" because it sounds like "go sheik" and I like the two k's at the end. 
-Also the price range is 28$ and up....maybe.  Still deciding and I have to improve on the backing (I use industrial velcro), it works but idk if people will like that. But if I use something else it may go up in price cause of quality. . . .

I should do more short post hmm?


Natissa kuma said...

Hi!Im Natissa!Iove your outfit and style!:D

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you Kuma <3

TheLovelyIfy said...

omg I want to win that giveaway so fucking bad!