Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jochan ViVi Miekayo Is Fake

(Something happened recently so im blogging to keep my mind positive.
......positive, haha.)
dedicated to Amber XD
(edit:vivi disappeared so its safe to post this post)

Lets start out with me saying I was an udoli, I have chemo brain so things I would like to remember like high school and some parts of college, unless I have documented it, I wont remember it and tanks god I dont remember much about udoli because there are behind the scene events I have never knew was going on. So I dont remeber much of the udoli days, just that I met most of the black gals I know there and it was the first style I ran into on the internet which back then I was devoted to.

The Udoli then is not like the one now so get over it, get over Vivi, get over saying udoli is the black ulzzang because it is not anymore. It was basically just a word made up for black girls who wanted to be ulzzang in the myspace days. I did have experience in ulzzang groups where they wont accept me (this is my pre-photoshop days) and I didnt know it was all about photoshop abusing then as the same now. That is why I understand how girls of all ages fall for dakota Rose and other dolls of the internet then mistaken them as real.

Now I dont know much of Vivi's personality and of course she can choose to be nice to me and be horrid to others and in fact I think that is what she did. But im not going to talk of her personality, but of her appearance and her misleading ways to the persons that dont know.

She photoshops her hair? And was very bad at it.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Extreme makeup Goth Gal?

The video basically explains why I am confused on the title for where my makeup has gone.

I started out with a scene look and landed between gyaru, gothic doll. I love it by the way, it is a look that is just, me. The only reason I do not go out much with this kind of make is because it takes so long to do and I leave my house in the morning to go out, so getting up from my bed is, ugh.

Un-edited eyes just for you.

I like my left eye look because it came out better and I think only because I wasn't thinking about what to say, holding the mirror and trying to record, also the bright light in your eye destroying a bit of your view helps that.

Scary Doll picture I took and decided to keep

So, more experiments to come

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lip butters and lip swatches

Thanks to Paulette, who picked out the first color  "lollipop", I went and got two more.
Would of been more but what target store around the black community ever have stocked items.

I got a pump for this foundation and I recommend others to get a pump for their foundations if it don't come with one. Who thought it was a good idea to not have pumps for liquid foundation bottles?

It is moisturizing, smooth, vibrant (most of them) and fun.
I recommend "lollipop" for the smack your face its so vibrant color and "pink truffle" for a nude lip.
"Berry smoothie" is a mild "lollipop" 

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Proof that im a "Slytherin" and Goshikk

I do allot of crafting and forget to post my progress pictures or even take picture in the first place.
I still have the "bag with wings" picture to post, sooner or later, I just dont want to spam post on my blog. Here is my Kindle HD case and what I did to it.
 Mom know I love blue (I wanted black, she bought this) but its a nice change I fell for it anyway, just want the inside to be black.
Upside-down its a D for "Deanell"

I dont know what to put on the bottom part....maybe nothing.

HERES MY PROOF. Yes I hold this place accountable for my Harry Potter status...and thats about it I haven't been back on there for awhile XD. (thought I was a ravenclaw)

And here is my wand, Im still excited just looking at it.

As you may have already saw everywhere since I spam posted this everywhere, I have made Garter belts inspired by the gyaru brands D.I.A and MA*RS...........Yes I spam posted it everywhere cause for once im very proud of what I created, I had no shame......Okay a little. 

I have gold ones and im giving away one in a mini giveaway, right after I do a video of it. 
I may post pictures of it on my tumblr though....the art blog mostly but both usually.
< Links to my blogs on the top left of the sidebar

-I want to name the company "Goshikk" after Goshikku meaning gothic. Dropped the "u" because it sounds like "go sheik" and I like the two k's at the end. 
-Also the price range is 28$ and up....maybe.  Still deciding and I have to improve on the backing (I use industrial velcro), it works but idk if people will like that. But if I use something else it may go up in price cause of quality. . . .

I should do more short post hmm?

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Friday, February 8, 2013

New Blog design, New age & New wig

I dont mind this, the milk face that is. I purposely over did my photoshop a little for this picture.....well mostly. If you can take a look at my header image, these are the times I over photoshop. I just feel I can get away with it once in awhile.

So my birthday have past (February 6), recorded a video about the wig and did a mini shoot for my new header on my birth day. I kept the makeup on, blew out my candles, took pictures, ate my cake, got my money and had a good small but enjoyable time with my loved ones (missing one though, my BF who will be here soon, other than that), a very very happy birthday for me.
No I do not feel old or feel that im getting old at the age 26. I just feel like me, Glee.

On to the wig here is the pictures of the packaging; there will be more details in the video.

 Works very well in flash, don't you think?

 And here is my makeup, I know I can do better but I was trying something out: like a differnt shape or something similar. It didn't go too well for me, I also have to learn how to wait for my lashes to dry before putting it on and it looks weird here. That is what I get for getting impatient. Other than that the colors used are blue and violet. Amethyst is my birthstone and blue is favorite color, also the eyebrows I could of done better- I will.....with time.

nose stripe; mild but I love it <3 p="">

Now onto the new blog design
Im not done with it and there is something missing or too much going on which is funny because the last one was way busier. But I feel like this is undone and I am not too happy with it. I felt its time for a change especially with the photo I had for the older blog. I also recycled my wallpaper, I love the thing. It is like my own wallpaper similar to ma*rs or the other famous prints. 

These pictures^ are the discarded ones and if you pay attention to my mini blog there is a sketch that looks exactly like this and I planned around it (like im leaning on the blog or something with my image.)

Here is the old one

p.s. This is my blonde or what I would label as natural blonde for my dark skin. But if any are darker than me, like my brother or my mom, it dosnt take too well. So caution if you are looking for this particular wig.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Ulzzang to gyaru Pt4 Girls Generation 소녀시대

sorry about the "loud" scare

I could of done better with the lining

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