Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ulzzang to gyaru Pt3 Girls Generation 소녀시대

New video series, part 3 of my ulzzang to gyaru and Im getting better with my camera lighting, but now its too red. Still, that is better than being too ashy looking

Here is the video


Im mad though, I forgot one product to use in the gyaru transition like what I used in my older post ( ), you can see the true colors only because it was sunny and bright outside and I used a product that I finally receive. No worries though, the next video after the lens review and gyaru part 4 i'll use this product to bring out the color more. I may need it cause I cant get my camera to show the true colors of the makeup.

In real life it looks wonderful but here you can hardly see the orange and if I make it more pale looking (the lighting) to show the true colors, ill turn up ashy. Cant win haha, but ill keep trying

hope you enjoyed the video and the new years. This picture is half gyaru have ulzzang. One day, one day ill get you to see the true colors


TheLovelyIfy said...

that last pic of the half and half looked so good at the difference between the two it damn near gave me chills! lol you look adorable as both gyaru and ulzzang :D I like that you did SNSD's look for this too. I've always wondered if I should try to do a look from a k-pop star since I do listen to k-pop especially more so as of late.

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

You seriously should, you have 10 times the knowledge of kpop compared to me.
Also its a good chance to do a collaboration between you tubers (black youtubers doing korean pop/ulzzang makeup, that sounds awesome) since there is so many girls in each group, wouldn't even mind doing the boys side either because they have makeup looks as well. <3

TheLovelyIfy said...

I'd love to do that! :D Spread the word that there are actually Black kpop lovers lol since we are such a minority to begin with -.- makes me sad. I think that's a great idea though ^^ I'll get onto the planning for that!

Melody said...

That is my song! lol Plus this is so cuteee! <3

I see your're loving the Lip butter as well! XD