Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photoshop is a household name. Stop lying


When someone "ask do you Photoshop?" some would say yes , but then we'll have the ones who want to be special, dont want people to know they edit or just don't know that PS/ photoshop/ shopping is a household name.

Others who say "no I don't.......I do edit my pictures though", you do know that to Photoshop means to edit your photos right? To Photoshop means not only the program anymore.

So now we have people who are embarrassed and who don't want to admit they edit their pictures so  they are quick to say "no I don't use Photoshop" and leave it as that. It's so much easier to say "yes I edit my pictures but I use this program if you want to know".
We also have the, light editors.
Now when you hear photoshop you think of things like these girls below

That is a fail, and god rest your soul if you actually believes a girl like this existed in any time of your life. This is just the extreme way of doing it, changing the shape of your face is not the only kind of shopping you can do, changing the lighting is also editing your photos and also photo filters. Lighting makes the picture, if you ask any photographer whats the one and most important thing to pay attention to, its lighting. It sets the mood is hides flaws and its your best friend in cosplay.  
lets look at this girl

People who think changing the lighting using any kind of program is not editing your picture, is completely wrong. Yes angle helps allot and so does blur but lighting is also there as help, maybe even more than using the blur tool. Yes, use harsh lighting and say I dont use photoshop but to add on top of it with a program you specifically used and say no that is not photoshopping is lying

This is another excuse, "I dont own photoshop", but at-least the user explained they have Lightroom.
(Also here is a program for people who dont have photoshop.)

Sunlight is the best lighting and editing tool by far, I think for me or anyone else, unless you're allergic. Other than showing the true color of my skin, it shows the glow of my face....and foundation haha.

-people that photoshop only themselves in group photos........
Need I explain how selfish that is?


Amber said...

Sunlight is my best friend... and my pink bathroom >A> yis

The most I do in my photos are levels+curve and that's it. I either like to make the colors look more vibrant, or I like to make instagram-filter effects with the lighting and whatnot. I'm proud to say that all it is for me is mostly natural light manipulation, and angles xD

LovelyxMiyabi said...

Omg that girls chin is redonk lol
How does she think that looks good

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

I see 2 comments on my dashboard but one comment here. If anyone commented along with amber , I am sorry I cant see it </3

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

The infamous pink bathroom XD

I dont care how much person photoshops a picture....well unless its like the fail picture I posted. What I hate is when people use the "I dont use photoshop" as an excuse to get away with editing because its the the specific program they are using. And this is for the ones who especially blur their pictures with some internet program like photobucket.

I use allot of orange and yellow when it comes to filters. I tried purple for the fairy look but it dont work too well T.T.
Angles are my homeboy hahaha

Hannah Mii said...

Ugggh why does her face look like a pizza? Not cute lol . All I use is the power of angles haha and sometimes a filter. People are crazy when they shoop the crap out of themselves untill they look different.

marika said...

I dont understand why ppl have to be so scared of admiding that and if they use Photoshop or any other editing program XD it's almost the same as if a gyaru sayed "I dont use makeup". It is just bullshit! Also why do some have to lie about circle lenses too.

I dont see anything wrong at editing your pictures as long as you dont look like an alien or fail doing it. I my self like to change lightning and colors on my pictures I dont see anything bad at it. Everyone does it. :3

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

lol, She is maybe underage? I have no clue why I really don't. Its maybe similar to how most women see their body in the mirror o0

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

omg it does hahahahahahah red hair for the sauce too.
I wonder if I got into photoshop now, would I do they same?

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

People want to seem perfect. I know im not perfect so I dont feel bad when I say I used photoshop and why I used it, I also feel like im lying when i dont mention why.

I say go for it do what you want with your pictures, but girls like koti and some other dolls, love to lie and state that is how they were born and all this nonsense. Its like they forget fan photos and people can use those to compare.

TheLovelyIfy said...

This is so true omg I read this at work the other day on my tablet and couldn't comment but now that i can thank you so much for posting this -.- if someone asks me whether or not I use photoshop, the answer is going to be yes 98% of the time :)