Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My new wig and some makeup practice

I think I would look good with no hair. Just go bald, but......no
I didnt want these pictures to go to waste, I would usually take pictures and store them when I have nothing to blog about, but when the time comes it is old, yet I still keep them. 

Also recently my stomach haven't feeling back to normal yet so blogging or doing anything really is soggy feeling, if that make any sense to you. Hopefully by my birthday and when my boyfriend is here ill feel gleeful again. Hey im going to be 26, and I still feel 18 no lie.

Yes, mah face
So I dont have a eye makeup look that I am comfortable with to go back to for gyaru. I think I have a clue, but then my style changes because Im inspired by something else. I do know though, I want to color my eyebrows. 

Im always trying something new so I figured I should contour my nose with color. I stayed with red to be safe, the same for eyebrows.

And here it is, what it is? I dont know, but I do adore the wig and I may take awhile going back to jet black.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

This is an emergency post

I might make this a tab for future use. But its about google and their bullshit.
It haven't happened to me yet but it happened to people around me, the deletion of blogs and youtube accounts, and usually its constant. I dont even have adsense on anymore on my youtube because anyone who has an agenda can multi click your videos and send it into deletion. I think I have it on here , but they dont care for blogs as much unless its in the page visits area.

Im sure most of the people that follows me here knows of Xiaxue and her problem. My problem with google is their lack of communication. I have a youtube account and even now if I want questions its not through a person, its on auto on forms and pages. That always bothered me with youtube.

I transfered all my blog post to  http://heirofglee.wordpress.com  cause I dont think I can go through it with google, and I advise many of my blogger friends to the do same, it is so darn easy to transfer your post over to wordpress. Now ill have to restart on my coding but I hear its not too hard to do so.

Im not saying im leaving now,  im preparing myself. And if wordpress looks good with my coding, then I may tranfer over before the end of this year. Im tired of google and its antics and its lack of communication especially with all the money they have. I did it with instagram and im not ashamed to start over again.

Whats good about my url  "http://deanell.heirofglee.com" is I can switch it any time to another location, and whoever follows me by "heirofglee.blogspot.com" will be lead over to the address deanell.heirofglee.com and its not too much of a problem to find me. So its not much of a big let down for me, other than another company taking over yet again of what have been great

RIP instagram, youtube, blogspot
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photoshop is a household name. Stop lying


When someone "ask do you Photoshop?" some would say yes , but then we'll have the ones who want to be special, dont want people to know they edit or just don't know that PS/ photoshop/ shopping is a household name.

Others who say "no I don't.......I do edit my pictures though", you do know that to Photoshop means to edit your photos right? To Photoshop means not only the program anymore.

So now we have people who are embarrassed and who don't want to admit they edit their pictures so  they are quick to say "no I don't use Photoshop" and leave it as that. It's so much easier to say "yes I edit my pictures but I use this program if you want to know".
We also have the, light editors.
Now when you hear photoshop you think of things like these girls below

That is a fail, and god rest your soul if you actually believes a girl like this existed in any time of your life. This is just the extreme way of doing it, changing the shape of your face is not the only kind of shopping you can do, changing the lighting is also editing your photos and also photo filters. Lighting makes the picture, if you ask any photographer whats the one and most important thing to pay attention to, its lighting. It sets the mood is hides flaws and its your best friend in cosplay.  
lets look at this girl

People who think changing the lighting using any kind of program is not editing your picture, is completely wrong. Yes angle helps allot and so does blur but lighting is also there as help, maybe even more than using the blur tool. Yes, use harsh lighting and say I dont use photoshop but to add on top of it with a program you specifically used and say no that is not photoshopping is lying

This is another excuse, "I dont own photoshop", but at-least the user explained they have Lightroom.
(Also here is a program for people who dont have photoshop.)

Sunlight is the best lighting and editing tool by far, I think for me or anyone else, unless you're allergic. Other than showing the true color of my skin, it shows the glow of my face....and foundation haha.

-people that photoshop only themselves in group photos........
Need I explain how selfish that is?

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Geo Xtra Dreamy/Burst: Lens review and video

Use the code:heirofglee to get 15% off

it has many names as usual dreamy/burst
Burst makes more sense though

I have wore these lens for a whole day and over 8 hours. On hour 8 that is when it started to dry out and feel uncomfortable, that is a good thing if you know how long to wear circle lens. I didn't add drops and around 10 hours, I took them out. 

It has a fresh, baby like feeling to it when you look in the mirror. Its soft yet sharp when you look closely at them. I would even use this for cosplay as a realism perspective. I would go out with my family and to anywhere with these cause I know it will have a lasting comfort. 

Enlargement  9.5/10 its huge, more than the other. But I feel that there is bigger lens out there
Comfort  9.5/10, didnt give a perfect because I can still feel them in my eye, moving
Design is simple 8/10 and the burst is definite
Come again  Yesh I will unless I find another lens to fall for in the natural department....yes natural, for an opaque wearer 9.5/10

Overall I would buy again, but I feel there is more out there to explore 8/10

If you want to see more pictures of the lens click the link to get to the other post where I use the lens in a make tutorial.
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ulzzang to gyaru Pt3 Girls Generation 소녀시대

New video series, part 3 of my ulzzang to gyaru and Im getting better with my camera lighting, but now its too red. Still, that is better than being too ashy looking

Here is the video


Im mad though, I forgot one product to use in the gyaru transition like what I used in my older post ( http://deanell.heirofglee.com/2012/12/eos-max-sherbet-my-makeup-for-new-year.html ), you can see the true colors only because it was sunny and bright outside and I used a product that I finally receive. No worries though, the next video after the lens review and gyaru part 4 i'll use this product to bring out the color more. I may need it cause I cant get my camera to show the true colors of the makeup.

In real life it looks wonderful but here you can hardly see the orange and if I make it more pale looking (the lighting) to show the true colors, ill turn up ashy. Cant win haha, but ill keep trying

hope you enjoyed the video and the new years. This picture is half gyaru have ulzzang. One day, one day ill get you to see the true colors
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Friday, January 11, 2013

2013: NYC Winter Gal Meet

So we all met at the bubble tea shop "Vivi bubble tea", and it didn't really take that long for everyone to meet up. We'd only missed one person and we didn't have any number and an hour has past so we left for dumplings.

Chavaughn Graham
Cara McDonald
Hannah Isokawaii
Uwaa Rinrin

Also: I have a mini blog....just look on top where my header is. Remember I deactivated my instagram so there is where im going to post my random pictures for now on...that and my tumblr, maybe. Inspo from XX of course.

Now onto the meet~
I always stab the straw in the mouth
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