Monday, December 30, 2013

RedPanda Gyaru tutorial and Twilight lens review; Video


Shipping : Normal (a month)

Communication : Normal

Packaging : Adorable, Functional, A+


Comfort: 9.5/10 (gets dry cause heavy) 

Color: PEEERRRRfet yellow (at times green)

Opacity: 10/10

Not Natural by far

Visible in any light

Conversation starter

Lip Tar : Anime

Hey, My last post of 2013 and my first whole year Gyaru.
Can only go up from here <3 p="">
Okay happy New Years i love you by by.

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dark Normal Frog to Succubus Gyaru Doll

I am proud of my art work as well and how much it has evolved in color and style.
Its like my style and my hands evolved together
As for Painting this is where I am and I am so ecstatic 


JAN: That was my first gal meet and I already forgot but I think I started gal this year officially. Before then I was practicing gal, I was not really gyaru till I though I was ready. So if that's me when im ready what was I before?

FEB: I would like to try that makeup look again, it was fun

APR: is when I first tried purple and I ADORE IT SO MUCH <3 p="">

JULY: It was my secound gal meet if you dont include the spring one. 

SEPT: is something I can go back to

DEC: is suppose to be the last tutorial this year XD
I leave the color to my hair and lips and just do big black eyes now <3 br="">

Should I try Green hair?........NAWHHHH
Happy holidays/ New years
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reviewing items mirror and fangs Video and sketchbook video

Im sorry that it came out low quality T^T

Here is my sketchbook video

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Its okay to be selfish, once in awhile/ Meet pictures

Thank you for accepting me as who I am. A purple headed blogger, with bad spelling and grammar. To tell you the truth I try to improve on it every day,  I even re-read my post 3 times over. But only when I come back to it a month from now I will see all the mistakes. I seriously think im dyslexic (.....I spelled that right the first time, wow improvement) or my mind runs too fast to do anything but over all, I cant take my time. Looks like ill never find out because health care sucks in America and im sure anything education related its way down the line under war, the rich and bad food.

Where was I going?
Oh, found myself. This is all about my purple hair and why I want it to be all mine (insert evil laugh)-

If you want to see the gal meet pictures , keep on scrolling

-I am willing to share anything, anything but my purple hair. Its part of me at the moment and I want to keep it as long as I can. This makes me selfish but not fully and I think that having one or two things for yourself is okay. I feel you cant share every single experience because then you'll have copies or unoriginality and sometimes people need to take the same dirt road you had, to appreciate the journey. Besides its just hair color its not like im stopping anyone form getting new lens or garter belts *hint hint* referencing past post.

There was drama very recently on the gal/sales page and this had me baffled. Two girls, one taken stuff for months one haven't gotten paid for months and you know what some people did? Blame the taker along with the giver, that is insane. You blame her for trusting someone else. Yes this can be naive or a learning experience later for her but never ever say "you should of" to the victim. That victim was trusting and she wanted to share, maybe instead of "you should of" maybe replace that with "next time" or "in the future". Is she suppose to think all people are assumed this way? ........Well sure but shes not me or anyone else XD. Now if this happens constantly then you blame, by then she chose not to learn and you shouldn't complain if you dont want to learn. I cant belive this is what we live with hounestly. What we should be doing is banning the towns thieves not the person who feels safe walking around with thier gold.
So what that has to do with selfishness? To me it feels like those people were blaming the helper/victim (or vacuum because auto correct rules my life) and if we continue to do that why help in the first place. Soon we will only have....nothing, just selfish girls all about themselves who never want to share where they got a item, lens, jewelery, materials, lashes, wigs and whatever they feel the other person can steal and bypass them in their """gyaru status""". Yeah I ran into some of those *hint hint, its not only in my past post*. That results into a lack of community.

Who am I kidding I cant rock the purple hair alone and I wasn't the first, but im not giving anything about how I deal with it, though I have other things to share like makeup reviews

Lens reviews

Lash reviews

and other items like the Sailor moon compact mirror

I think you are selfish for asking too much from you though

Okay so you are not bored, lest show the past gyaru meet before I forget it

This is my look, because Im basic during the winter.
Its all about keeping warm, extra leggings and protection from extreme winds because 
Manhattan is an island

Okay I love you bye bye ~

This is where I got that from

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