Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 pictures and into the future pictures

I will always recite this, my journey has really began this year 2012 April, and that also goes the same for my blogging. I didn't know how to start and what to start on for blogging, really, I am not very good with writing and grammar in general, so finally I've started blogging about myself and my adventures (or ebay gets and advice, what have you). Also im doing what I want to do in the new year which is blogging, blog editing, drawing and traveling. Not traveling now but doing the others, defiantly. I also have other things but in order for it to come true I think its best to keep it to yourself. This year I followed my resolution for the first time and I think that is why.
This is the worst dress 2012
Above is what I see as my worst dress of the year. I didn't have a wardrobe but I tried. The first two is the start of my new wardrobe. 

The Years Best Wardrobe

Number one is my baby, that is my staple. Shorts, shirt and knee/thigh highs. The other is corsets and scarfs like the second. And the boots is a major for me, also a one of a kind cause I "DIYed" it and studded them to my liking. I "DIY" allot and will do more in the future.

      And there goes the gun shots 
Happy new years!!!!! 

Makeup looks

When I say future looks, its now 2013 so its looks for now. 
Top for extreme bottom for natural everyday.


Items and future gets

1. Is the hair color I want; #30. I want to look like a chocolate bunny the wig color is as smooth and my skin color and just a nice blend. Think of blond hair on pale skin, kind of like that.
2.Thats the shape I want; shorts, shirt, high boots and a overcoat or cardigan.
3.This is the kind of cardigan I want.

1.More backpacks to DIY to even maybe look like this. I do want a bright red bag as well
2. Destruction jeans, but most likely ill make them myself
3. Studded jeans, also may do myself

1. Stripped pants/belt pants
2. Spiked hat
3. Spiked bracelet

1. Star bracelet
2. Patent boots
3. Smooth gel shorts

1Heavy bracelet
2. Sexy Utility belt in black (DEFIANTLY GETTING SOON, maybe in leather and 
THIS is my D.I.A. belt. I will DIY stud it)
3. Gartner leggings

Ill post inspirational picture in another post and im thinking of a new blog design too, well.......bye XD


Momo said...

OMG, all the stuff you listed on your wishlist are stuff I'm in love with and what I want to start buying!! XD I love shorts and knee highs so much for some reason, LOL. And YAY, can't wait to see more of your blog posts this year and outfits + hauls =D

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

YAY. I cant wait as well, best part is not know what the hell is going to happen <3

PluSsized Sky said...

Yes! I can def say your coords have improved. It is always fun to do "DIY " projects to get that defining look you want <3 You certainly did well :D

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you so much for the comment, I can not wait to improve even more <3