Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gyaru Secrets - Really Talk & How I got into being Editor of a gyaru magazine

Im deciding to also post my videos like this here as well; as a post itself. Have I ever mentioned how I divide my time? I think I have done so in DA but not here.
You see I feel guilty when im on one project and not tending to my other projects. Those projects is

Art (big number one)
Youtube (my videos)
Blogger (here)
Cosplay (Still havent finished)
And last but not least "gaming" (which kind of died yet I wont let go)

Doing art is not always on top but everything I do on that list is related to art; except for blogger. So I dont feel bad if I dont physically draw because I may be doing something like this..
not all edited by me
As most of you know I have taken part of Gaijin Gyaru 109.
Ever told you of that story?

It started when I didnt even know what it was. I found it on tumblr as a Gaijin Gyaru directory. It has a post of Gaijin gals and their pictures are linked to their blogs (you can still send in a picture and your blog to be posted). I thought this was awesome, I didn't see anything like this before-

(   )

It was so helpful to the community. There is constant complaining of not being able to find gals in the gaijin community so they claim to go to "Gyaru secrets" to find blogs and information.
This I have never seen before and if I have its been way outdated. I was so impressed with it I contacted her. I also wanted to help out but all I can do is draw and at the time I finished designing my blog layout. So I asked if I can remodel the site.

From then I have no clue how I got from wanting to remodel the site to actually editing a magazine. This was way before any other mag was out and it was her idea for such a long time. I thought it was genius it can help others out and bring people together. She wanted to pay but I wont accept. She took her money and time to make this as legal and quality standing as she can and why should I get paid. I love doing what I do and I love helping out. Its why I have a blog and youtube. Art is for me but I don't mind sharing it. If she is stable enough to yes but this is fun first that later.

From then on she gave ideas and I make art out of it. Still wish there was two of me to help out, but we always remind ourselves that this is for fun and helping out. We don't expect it to be an actual publishing serious business mag we just want a community. She has a kind heart, ive seen her get pushed around plenty yet she stays positive. Me on the other hand....well glad im just the artist. I kind of play dirty. 

Anyway it just all happened. I found her and we just became friends.
pfft I steered off course 
Im going to post videos here if I have more to say about the subject 
and so you wont think im dead.


Amber said...

I saw about the magazine probably on Tumblr, and I'm actually pretty impressed by the preview even if they're only 'thumbnail-size'. The fact that it's not cloying and all the previewed images are good quality makes it more visually appealing than Gal VIP imo.

I honestly don't believe in these magazines really taking off for long, seeing it fail over and over before in the lolita communities, but I'm actually looking forward to viewing it when it comes out.

Lain BarbieEyes said...

The magazine already looks great, can't wait to read it! <3

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

You dont know how happy this comment makes me and im sure mel.
We see the mag as a spare the moment thing, or even more so a project. I think if it gets too serious it wont really look fun or feel fun, like a blog. You do it cause you want to share.
Thank you for your comment amber <3

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you <3

TheLovelyIfy said...

Can't wait till the release of the first issue! ahhmaahgaaahd!

Hannah Mii said...

Looks really awesome! If another one comes out maybe I will take part :)

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

IKR <3