Sunday, November 18, 2012

Detailed photos of DIY phone design & Nail polish

Just pretty pictures and if you're like me we are fine with 90% pictures and 10% text. is fast with shipping. The first time around I didn't have enough so I ordered more. Two days later I get the rest; it is why in some pictures I rewrite the Qty in red pen. The chart they give you with each purchase is handy when you do this kind of stuff more often.

Added to the buttons to reach them easier

The design was inspired by the iPhone itself. I love the design but hated how fragile the phone was so I bough a white bumper that have proof of how effective it was (with its videos) and designed around that as well.

The back design was inspired by the bubbles. I couldn't take them out from the screen protector and at the time I was waiting for a new one. To my surprise it turned out so well I have chosen not to change it any time soon and since its so random it added personality to the phone. Everything else was even and perfect but with these random placements it just give it the push it needed.

I made the dust plug by myself with and old ipod headset. I took off the tip and added to the cut off top one spike and two on each side of it evenly. With left over Swarovski crystals I added to the empty space

The skull on the bottom right, was from the chains of my Demonia boots (which you can see in my past post review)
I found it on the floor and it fits so well with the handmade wallpaper I made.

It work out so well I am proud of this simple design. 

Here is my julep box for october, I get one almost every month but I dont post pictures. And I planned to skip this month cause I have plenty nail polish from them already. Ill wait for the new years one I hope there is a special.

Thanks for dropping by.


c_razygaijin said...

you're really talented

Banny said...

Your phone is really cute and you are super creative. My ass would just buy a case LOL. I always get inspired to like deco stuff but once i sit down and start i really suck LOL.
Just saw at the top of your page that you have instagram! I will go follow you ! My user is missprettyxo :D!

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you <3

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you. I have no clue why I had the patience for this one, maybe cause its so shiny and glittery that I cant stop looking at it and gluing it. My gosh follow back

Momo said...

I hope I can get the iPhone 4 soon, I've had the 3Gs one forever and am getting tired of how bulky it is, plus I want a cool case like yours LOL