Wednesday, October 10, 2012

That shoe post....

Yeah that shoe post I was suppose to post years ago, but editing gosh how you bloggers do it? I kept putting it off and not to mention some other thing I had to do.

BTW This is my "99th" post. Wow how long I had this blog for like two years and I just reached "99" post?
well when you think about it forty eight a year is good im sure. Its around one post a week. But if I had posted my gets I would of had more post. but now with my iPhone I think it would be easier to post gets.

So here is the makeup and I didn't use any base so you are going to see creasing. Im enjoying the shape and linework especially the contrast of the white and black wing.

All about the shoes in my video
I wear them, dance in them, show different views.....think its one of my first full body shot video.
 Pictures of the close up below 

Picture post

Here is the converse I ordered from their site.
Can use your own colors and make your own creations with the different types of shoes.

Here is my inspiration <3 p="p">

My other love.

You can just search Demonia and look for this model
this is the seller I bought from

Well........nice talking to yah.
(Im the weirdest blogger)


TheLovelyIfy said...

So in love with platform shoes lately. I think boots will be my next buy lol idk for sure though yet. Congrats on almost making 100 posts though after 2 years :o I want moreeeee!

phillicia deanell said...

Get them they are so comfortable but after you take them off you feel so short ha.
Thanks Ill try <3

TheLovelyIfy said...

haha i bet! I can't wait to get my platform sneakers in ajkfdlajfdfd

phillicia deanell said...

I cant wait for the post about it. I want one myself >.<

Nikki said...

oh my god, you are GORGEOUS!
and your makeup is flawless
not crazy about the lens ( but i never much cared for super opaque lens xD)
do your think you look SO good and im majorly jealous of your lips

phillicia deanell said...

Thank you so much Nikki,

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