Tuesday, October 23, 2012

100th post/ liebster Blog Award/ pictures for the soon to come video/ 5 year anniversary

100 post!!!!!! Feels good. I started blogging seriously around the time I started gyaru which is this spring 2012.  Actually, it is not 100 post but 2/3 of attempt post and 1/3 of actual post.  One third is the post I actually want to post about while the other two thirds was experimenting on what I want to post on. It is exactly how I started on youtube.

Moving on this is going to be a big post cause why not its my 100th post. So I have the -liebster blog award- from "Rio", pictures from the "Ulzzang to Gyaru" series and my 5th anniversary with my boyfriend and family picture post.

So i've finally edited the pictures and video for the "ulzzang to gyaru" series. I want to make this a series and on the record /personal note. I have to blend for the camera. The camera either pick up everything the human eye can't see or cant pickup what the human eye can see. So I have to learn how to blend for the camera or work with my camera more in general. Also dont worry on the makeup editing its not extreme editing on the eyes. On most of the pictures I left the eyes alone but I know people dont want to see my pore so I blurred it away. 
Here is the video:

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

That shoe post....

Yeah that shoe post I was suppose to post years ago, but editing photos...my gosh how you bloggers do it? I kept putting it off and not to mention some other thing I had to do.

BTW This is my "99th" post. Wow how long I had this blog for like two years and I just reached "99" post?
well when you think about it forty eight a year is good im sure. Its around one post a week. But if I had posted my gets I would of had more post. but now with my iPhone I think it would be easier to post gets.

So here is the makeup and I didn't use any base so you are going to see creasing. Im enjoying the shape and linework especially the contrast of the white and black wing.

All about the shoes in my video
I wear them, dance in them, show different views.....think its one of my first full body shot video.
 Pictures of the close up below 

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