Monday, September 10, 2012

It was an experiment I swear /BlackDiamond & Gyaru Progress

As the title states it was an experiment. Actually it was a friendly challenge on the "black gyaru" group on Facebook. The most extreme makeup if I can remember. So I tried it, I even recorded it. 

Am I going to have a vid on it? Yep. -Sure I should, halloween is coming.
Am I going to upload this one? Nope

Cause its sloppy and I can see where I can improve, I also see all my mistakes. I just wish I made it more neat. The contouring was also an experiment but it is not recommended, especially with the color I used.

This is my favorite

I look like a scary anime gyaru witch....sad witch fairy that needs help.

I'll look at it and love it then look at it then become scared and then look at it again and say aww -haha.

I need to improve in my outfits. The belt should of been more loose hanging on my hip. 
Here it makes me boxy and also I need a better wig.....speaking about outfits and wigs before we get into that

Dont think I mentioned it here but I'm part of the black diamond unit. Now people think most who entered wanted a name...or the spotlight for themselves, a trophy I'm guessing. Sure! I am positive that happened. Maybe not allot of the members but I'm sure it has happened. Im not one of those people and I have reasons why. 
-One: I think I would of told my blog long time ago about it 
but I didn't consider it that much of a big deal back then 
-Two: The style is right next to my alley so why not.

So why join? I wanted to boost my improvement. When I'm part of a group I improve and groups helps the most in the style area, at least so far. And now I can say its a big deal for me. Its another group I can learn from, help in and all the girls together are wonderful. I didn't see it turning out this way, but it has for the best. The sharing, discussing, similarities it is homely. So now I'm late in the excitement.

^  --Gyaru Valentines--  v
The list has grown btw. These inspire me so thank you secret poster 

Now back to the hair and style.....Made a wig this weekend and have my waterfall on the side. And these two new items above will be perfect plug items. I can match them with anything in my future and present outfits. Im going to kill this bag which can transform into a purse AND a tote. These platforms will give me the height with comfort and style. The chains can detach then I can put my leg warmers over them and wear the chains on the warmers. Im planning to post my gets in the next post hopefully. If not soon

Also have a surprise for another commissioner. Cant wait till she sees it when I mail it to her. Its my fault for being late with it though I would not be sorry for it cause costuming may be my dream job >.<


Anaïs Paz said...

you have amazing eyes!!!and I have those lenses!!i love them^^
I follow you!!

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you so much <3