Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog designs and Black "Mold" in the Gyaru community

Well other than being sick im great now. My back hurts because of a profile I was doing for someone. Stupid me wouldn't go on my chair instead I sit on my bead. It seems like there was something holding me back from finishing this profile yet I have in exactly one week. Its the first I have done customization on someone else's profile so it was confusing looking at it from someones else's mind. I just wished I didnt have a headache.
Her name is momo and she wanted simple. Good practice for me and future attempts.

I do have some new post to put up. Shoe haul I guess (made a vid of that too), the gay wedding, labor day parade, and some makeup yadda yadda, so finally going to finish editing one of two post and get right back to blogging.

Oh that mold? That fuzzy dirty black disgusting creature that can grow virtually anywhere containing air and moisture? It is also almost impossible to eliminate and could relate to many illnesses? Thanks google.

 Yeah we may have many in the gyaru community (which I would voluntarily be naive to. I love giving chances, innocent till proven guilty) But I know a particular one. If it wasn't for M and her work I would of given a shout out to said mold. It knows who it is and thats good enough for me. Im not the one and I'm glad I wasn't targeted by this mold. But if I was I would of been happy to post pictures even like the past shout out post I had.

This mold is greedy for the spotlight, dangerous to deal with cause its good at playing the victim and I would recommend not even standing near this mold. Destroyer only for the soul purpose of being on top and really dont care for the community or the people around it. A very very big lier/ deceiver and you wont spot it yet you can hint it. Had many attempts at this spotlight but failed miserably.

As I go deeper into this community molds like this can spread and ruin the other parts of the com. There is no drama in the community there is only one or two "idiots" like this that ruins it for the rest of us and in order to stay away from that spreading mold is to step away from the community itself leaving the sweethearts and the pro gals behind.

But you learn and im glad I have. But know this dont come play nice nice when all is together, dont look my way, mention my name or even recommend me. Keep all of me out.
If someone ask who, I will say who with no explanation cause thats the best I can do. Would never look innocent in my eyes and all the failure is more apparent to me.
Not mad at it, mad at what could of happened from the lies of it.

haha still gleeful in the end though XD

Edit: If I was going to say it here I would, but if you have to know you have to be non-anon and at least a friend of Facebook Cause I believe anons to be related to said mold, the mold is that desperate.


Rei said...

:O oh no... who?

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

I wont say it on here hahaha that defeats the purpose of not making it public on a blog.

Rei said...

lol you're right xD how silly of me.

anita said...

if you want me to be the first french black girl who talking about black gyaru fashion style vote :