Wednesday, August 29, 2012

West Indian Day Parade (so many pictures)

 So this is the section I'm in and working on every weeknight 
Can se the prices on the side, the lowest is 300$

"Natural Freaks mas camp" is where I go every night fixing up costumes
NY1 came by to interview baby, kind of filmed all of us, didn't even know they were filming me while I was adding gems. I turned around an laughed XD

this is the name of the section

I hardly have any time to blog/vlog so I'm trying to catch up here
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pictures from upcoming YT video

This is my favorite picture of the bunch an its because of the lighting. You'll see I'm testing on lighting throughout all the pictures posted. I like the fairy look (tint of purple kind of match my blog theme even though its more of a tint of peach) but its hard to do so with a darker skin without looking like skin lightening.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New blog design

Finally finished hurray

Took me about a week, some planning some editing and some frustration with coding and figuring it out. I think its a big improvement from the last one. There is a screenshot below. And I think its a bit too busy but just right in a way. (tell me if anything bothers your eyes)

I have other header images I can use but ill just post that separate 

I look like a bunny. I think I just might switch them once or twice OR I can use a random image generator later on. I hope I figure that out. 

I think I may tone down the background a little bit more cause there is too much going on but thats about it. Im too tired to do anything of course, coding takes away your time for awhile. I was drawing one of my characters and its getting really good but this came in the way.

I will be putting the images and stock I have used from others on another page but right now I can tell you what I have done.

*the background: Yes I used other images but I put them together. I had one stud from the internet and I made plenty more and fit it too a seamless background.

*You know i basically did everything: I mean the coding and lets say the collage of things. the only thing In haven't done was draw the flowers or the studs. I didn't draw anything but I put every single thing together.......ramble on I shall eat now XD
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