Friday, July 20, 2012

GyaruMeet and OutFitOfThatDay

So I get up 6 o'clock in the morning like every morning to pick up the first child for the daycare. So I'm up early everyday. Told myself to wait till 8am go upstairs get dressed, put on makeup, eat something and head out the door. My mother never follows my plan so I get upstairs 30 minutes late but I think I have time. I have my clothes out my contacts are soaked and my makeup is there. Got my makeup eyeliner...where is my eye liner...its 10 o'clock and I'm suppose to meet Hannah 11:15. My hands shake as I put on eyelashes and I can't find my liner no big deal ....Yes its a big deal. oh well I'll just get their in time. Not the best makeup but its good enough

Someone forgot to tell me its so hot outside so I got  some melting going on but my eye makeup is still alrig....OMG I forgot to eat. But after that and the wait for the other girls which we were about 2 hours early me and hannah and kayo was one it was a beautiful meet.

We didn't get to eat here but it smelled so darn good >.<

We was facing the other way they spotted us and we was so relived haha.

Yes...yes its really good

We weren't the only one who had trouble with makeup.
Ivie had to hurry with her makeup to do it while we sit....should of done the same haha.

It was an relaxing interview and I have never really recorded an interview. I should of though of the background noise. This was the worst place to get interviews XD. Also I forgot to take lots more pictures but again first time in a event like this. I wasn't lazy I just was forgetful and nervous and shy but I broke out of it in the end.

The most adorable persons ever. not only Kayo and Mei but everyone. Its nice to see people from the internet in real life. Its refreshing and I'm thinking of doing it much more now than ever. Kayo inspired me way more than she could.

looks like she is thinning "info"

They all had product in them 

I looked like crap in the other photos with kayo and Mei...but its in the video so there you go.

Going back to get this agin it was not too sweet and very creamy yum yum.

The girls looked awesome from behind as well as the front. 
Fashion I'm talking about, fashion!

I love this picture. My boyfriend pointed out the "JOIN THEM" in the back...though I was the only one who noticed it. Perfect lighting , you can hardly see my heat wave time of the month pimple.
Its never TMI when 49% of the nation goes through it. I think 51% is women int he states but some may have problems or some don't even have it at all .

 So yes I did plan this I love planning my outfits. The reason I don't do OOTD much is because I don't go places to do these kind of outfits. Not much people know I dress this way unless its labor day, block party or any party of the matter. Im glad I have an excuse to go out with girls looking your best. I also go to Manhattan for errands and to get out and smell the....semi-clean air. I dress but not to this caliber cause hey....I live in brownsville brooklyn. Coming home at night is not advised especially in the summer. Now imagine me at night with this. I get bothered enough dressing half of this way. So I called to get picked up.

looks like a background picture

Hey look a mirror

So we run to it.
Im not even ashamed anymore to take pictures of me in the mirror haha.

If these boots ever die its because I love them too much.
Im thinking of a second pair with white. I love these so much its so versatile 

Tried these for a magazine shoot and these are the best lashes Ive ever seen....for cheap. 
I should of bought two like I told hannah. Im searching for another right now. Hannah also told me to depot the NYX stick...SOO MUCH PRODUCT. I didn't use the heating method I used the push with the pen form the opposite end and it all came straight out and very clean may I add.

It came with a makeup bag and thanks to Ivie saying she gets stuff from these magazines I wouldn't have bought it. Its in good quality and matches my room perfectly. Now I'm buying more of these just for the products inside them >.<

I want to go to the meet this friday. I have a skirt I bought from pretty girl on this day an frilly leopar print one, a new goth chain belt, a spiked chocker made with patent leather and a new shirt I want to buy. I may wear the same shoes but put up and my gyaru inspired hat. So hopefully ill go.
Thanks for reading 

and watching (my best editing yet excluding the sound quality of the interviews >3>)


NaijaBarbie said...

Beautiful post and pictures! Especially the one of us walking down the street! I love how you edit everything! I need to learn so I can be on your level!

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Ill be happy to help if any question. Hopefully ill have all the answers

Crystal Ezeoke said...

Your outfit still blows me freaking sexy like oh my gosh! Sweet post! I wanna live in NY T^T

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

eEEeeee thank you <3.
I want every gyaru to live here , the meets would be epic XO

Real Queen of Horror said...

I looove your outfit & make up! 

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you ^^