Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another update T.T

So sorry.
I have so much items and products to review so much adventures to discuss yet too many heat waves, and little time or room to post all the input.

This is my fault I love to do plenty and fuss when I can't do all. There is never any time, and then when I get the ambition *the full blown kind* things like the heat wave interrupts (not me but afraid for my computer overheating) so even commissions are delayed.

I do have a new video hopefully its very easy for you to find in my header.
Ill list some other things to come

-contact lens cleaner (highly recommended)

-coney island bike ride

-Gyaru meet adventure (just the left over thats not in the video)

-internship: Making Caribbean carnival costumes/ and to design for next year (each costume is $300 and up)

-Adult lens series lens review (*STILL*)

-Gyaru makeup tutorial

-ordering from converse (your own designs)

-How big my hair is (it can go into big pigtail puffs)

and thats all so far
Thank you for your patients