Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nail polish for a penny/ Weeaboos rant maybe

This is not an advertorial, this is my opinion about a company I have just started and think is a great idea

Code "PENNY" Though for some it would be "1.01$ cause of paypal or what ever you use. 
Still 1.01$ for three/two nail polishes of this quality and you can cancel after?

You take a style quiz to help choose the colors for you (I am Classic with a twist). It is usually two polishes but that doesn't matter cause you know why? You can pick any of the girls to choose from if you don't like it and you know what what else is the best part? If you don't like any of the polishes you can skip a box (you'll have to log in around the 20th -24th of the month to skip) 
OR send the box to a friend. 

The is the best online subscription I've ever heard.
They also donate some of their money to help other women. But you can research that yourself.
Its 20$ a month and "Each box will feature over $40 worth of never-before-released polishes..."
Also the nail polishes is free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP.
And with nails like mine that peels and have a dark tint from my health I am glad for everything in this package. Im too lazy to buy nail polish every month, and then again the chemicals in it, and usually they don't have the color or the brand I want, and I can never decide what color I want.


Jessica; is like whiteout. it just goes on a bit flakey but not the annoying kind
Brooke; is perfect over nails
Mandy; is gel like


Lets talk about weeaboos for a second cause as you may know I have been to an anime convention some weekends ago. In my time, around 2002 or so weeaboos was just kids into anime....EXTREMLY into anime, obsessed actually to a point where its their life. I was like that for a year or so yet still it wasn't considered weeaboo till I had a group of friends to be loud with, but thats with about anything.....Weeaboos are loud in general though. They usually have an obsession and can't stop talking about a subject with a fast pace so you can't keep up. So I was a half a weeeaboo, i was loud about it but anime was a thing to watch to past time or get inspired by to draw more...actually I didn't like anime, manga was where it was at. It had more information and the artwork was easy on the eyes.......

So whats the difference now. Well for me cause I don't really know of everyones experience with weeabooism but now they are rude and pretentious. Rude....why? Why do you have a reason to be rude. That is what jocks are for. Nerds and geeks are not suppose to be rude? I know I know its generalizing but the reason people hated weeaboos was cause they were extremely weird and antisocial. And the obsession did not help cause who can related unless its another weeaboo. Even if a person loved anime if they went as obsessed it would be very uncomfortable for the one side of the party. So to be rude would even further the gap. Is that what is wanted in the weeaboo community?

When I say rude I mean not having no empathy as in when you put your foot in other people shoes. Now I do this all the time when I meet people, but if its not done for me thats one point off, I'm done caring and treat you the way you treat me. Have to admit I am naive and was even more back then, but now I have more control. You get one chance and maybe even a second when I see you have learned or made a mistake, But if you don't learn ill learn from that and move on. I grew up a loner I don't absolutely need company for everything, its nice though but not a necessity. If your not part of my ride or what I want to do and I really want to do something, I have no problem doing it myself, though the empathy comes first so this is after the strikes. Its not a big deal just something I grew up with. We born alone we die alone...and again I have a loving family and they are my necessity.

Wow ran of coarse there......anyway these weeaboos would yell out obscene things in the hotel, trash their place be rude to employees all that jazz. Where does that leave other con crappy hotels cause good hotels don't want anything to do with them when they have business men and women or flight attendants not wanting to come to that hotel next time....they loose money cause of these idiots. How hard is it to keep it down after 11pm? Do I really have to hear about deification at that hour of the night....OUTSIDE your room even. You won't even have the decency to keep it in your own rooms but in the halls. That is only one of the things they have done to the hotel area.

So I lost respect for weeaboos. I would consider them their own culture before this, you know to leave them be cause I wouldn't have any feelings towards weeaboos they were just another kind of geek to me but now they lost most of their respect from me. I say most cause I know not all is like this but it just give me yet another thing to think about when I think of weeaboos.....this is actually not a rant. Just a talk, though the caps lock may have hint of rant to it haha.


dainanda bernadeau said...

Thank you for posting this! I can't wait to get my nail polishes! :) This was a steal! 

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

I KNOW RIGHT. Im getting a collection of nail polish already on my second month. I never had this much before and now I am forced to change, mix, do my nails now because of new polishes every month. <3
And you are welcome ^^