Monday, May 14, 2012

Wig & Blushes

"Coco Bunni"
 In this blog post I will review a bit of the wig I have ordered on ebay 
and the blush I have ordered from MM.

The other parts of the information, like swatches and the actual look of the wig will be in the video.
Hopefully I will edit it in time before I leave for canada May 22nd.

Inspirational makeup look 
is from "Popteen April 2012" Milky Bunny
Tsubasa masuwaka
Wish i got the bottom lashes better.

 Anyone going to Anime North?
Ill be there of course, obviously it is why I'm going to Canada.

Anyway for the review I have ordered from 
- -
It reached me very fast and as you can see by the packaging securely.
"You get to name your pallet, I named mine Gyaru"

The blush powder is very loose creamy so Magenta had some fall out.
It is very delicate but I think that's okay. It's not much of a problem.
 So I ordered three things. 

The blush, the powder and the powder puff.

The powder is excellent...for someone that is at least 2 shades lighter of my skin tone. Now this powder is a translucent power but I wanted to use it for highlighting. Came out a bit ashy. (I have normal skin, but I use cream or liquid foundation it looks best on me)

Now don't blame the powder, its the color banana. 

This weekend I went for "Coco Tan" and let me tell you it is like butter on my skin and the highlight is glorious. The problem is Coco Tan is hard to find online (which is why I got banana in the first place)
So what we have here is...
Magenta - Top left

Pink Velvet - Top right

Brick Red - Bottom left
Yellow - Bottom right

I wanted orange....Actually I wanted allot of colors but they are almost always sold out. Guess it is that good of a blush, a bit creamy to the touch. Orange would of gave my skin a glow since my undertone is around orange and at times yellow. Which is why I have gotten the yellow.

Here I am wearing "Brick Red"
A little bit too much though

Here is "Pink Velvet"
My favorite for Gyaru makeup looks

Wig review "Clair Beauty"


LWMA002_Women ladies fashion long wig / fake hair (brown)


No tangles




You know that cone head effect you get with Asian wigs...this has it.
So it is best for cosplay or if you are going out, a bow or a headband to cover up the cone 
Otherwise your head will look pointy and elongated.

I had to cut the bangs. I have a small forehead my hairline almost touches my eyebrows on the sides. So it looks awkward when the middle of the wig is aligned with the mid of my head. You have to customize the bangs to fit your head and face type. So most likely you'll have blunt bangs 
(if you don't know how to cut bangs).

 Here is a bit of the length. Cant see the cone cause of the angle here.

For the blush I give a 5/5
for the wig 4/5 (that cone is a whole point off if only man)

So thats all...dont know how to end blogpost so.......bye <3


Crystal Ezeoke said...

That Pink Velvet blush is love! That pic of you wearing it too looks gorgeous btw :)

nikki smith said...

This looks amazing!!.. <3 I have a dark skin tone.. so I might be trying out this blush as well .. thanks for the review.

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

They are really really good on dark skin I highly recommend them.
Im glad I can help ^^

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Thank you so much, and its very light as well. This is the best blush I came by and they are affordable too.

boujoichic said...

The makeup look you did was 

Charni said...

Also I just tagged you in my blog post, It would be great if you would read it and respond in a post of your own so we could get to know you better!

Avi said...

You look so pretty! the wig looks really nice, I have been looking to buy one, maybe I'll try this brand!
May I ask few questions? what's the name of the blue circle lenses on the picture on this post? also, where do you got your wig from the header pics? it suits you nicely ^^

phillicia deanell said...

I should stick this in another post of mine <3

phillicia deanell said...

New adult blues....EOS I think.
And thank you so much ^^ this brand I here gets good reviews compared to others. But the shipping is a bit slow. Well not too slow.

Pat Hannibal said...

-hey pretty hi excuse me what model to circle lens use in your photos?
is very nices!!!!!! <3

phillicia deanell said...

Hello <3
ifairy dolly+ browns ^^

Pat Hannibal said...

thanks you pretty *o* i love your blog i follow you <3 ( n w n )/ <3

NaijaBarbie said...

YOUR MAKEUP IS GORGEOUS! I looks Just like Tsubasa's. You did amazing!

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...


Nea said...

like your blog. *w* I think I follow you on IG! ~