Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sakura Matsuri 2012 Brooklyn :Sunday

I don't really do much of these life post because I usually see it as boring and
not for only my life but mostly of others as well; unless its drastic adventures or maybe even artist related.

Im going to give it a go 83

Not too far from where we live though it is weird we hardly go out around our area. 
We usually travel far off like to Coney Island or all the way to Manhattan.

Side note: Im going to the Brooklyn museum in a few weeks cause the last time I went was very very young, think around three. I told my Pa and ma and they said it is a great idea we all should go next time.
Yes I am a family person and very thankful for it. My BF told me he was jealous of it and it never occurred to me cause its normal for thou. I grew up with a tight family (in your home, cousins and aunts/uncles what have you is not the family I'm talking of), and friends that join them in the future and ill never change it for the world. I savor the moments cause I am very thankful for it every single day. 

Moving on, I am also thinking of going to that huge library.
 Is that nerdy? Wanting to travel to a library like its an event? Or is it just weird? 

Yeah my little not so little only brother.
He and his friends can pull off some weird poses for pictures.

Now for once I'm not holding the camera XD and as you can see my mother don't know how to crop and zoom, I seem so far off here. Also the reason I have that face is because she was taking so long so I didn't know what to do. I was in that (are you finish) faze 

My brothers new told him black people need to face the light because it is their friend in photography. I have no clue what this is, he's too dramatic but it works. Looks like he is praying

Im not sure if kashawn knew what planking was or not, he just did it.

Geo was going to do something here while he was planking but I forgot what.
K got up super fast.

I didn't photo paint my face in these photos just changed the lighting.

This was not a bad pose actually.
I couldn't see the "real" quality of the photos on my cameras small screen. So I erased most of the pictures I took and though most of these pictures was a bust. But now looking through all of them they are and were amazing. 
I love this camera!

Here is the thing. I never if ever show my parents in photos. They don't go on the internet as well as me so they should keep their privacy.

I was chasing this butterfly everywhere trying to get a picture and the details this camera captured IS amazing. The zoom is perfect. Too bad most of the photos I took mistakenly got erased >C.

Today made me fall more in love with Alice two all over again. She is a FZ100 Lumix Panasonic. 
About 500$. The first one I got button didn't work so I got a new refurbished one.
I protect her with my life now >.<
Im thinking of taking her with me to NYC again.

Geo is a camera hog, but he's good with it

Now why would you come to a garden with those shoes "And" with a child.
I mean, grass, dirt and water? And don't forget you have to jump in certain places to get the good stuff and what if the child starts running in the play area or even the pond.

Later on she changes her shoes haha. 
Idk family time in a garden I don't think its necessary, well for me.

 This is one of my favorite pictures.
I love her hair, outfit, her electric blue mohawk is brilliant and she became very attractive in my eyes.
I would date her and her coloring abilities.

Told you he's good for the camera

I don't know what happened here

This is the best picture ever. 
This is now my wallpaper and I'm patting Alice two on the back for this one.
The bees was flying and it didn't give me that harsh blur. It gave me that powder soft blur yet you still see details
See! Wallpaper screenshot.

Anyway, I'm liking the new blogspot Editing. The editing is easier especially with pictures, you can load all in one instead of 5 by 5. I just wished they would load in order but that is okay. 

So convention pictures won't be a hassle next time (Im going to anime north so this is good news)
I won't be too lazy with these kinds of post anymore and its kind of fun to do now.

*Happy Spring!*
Watch me edit this =-=


Chanda Jones said...

I love your outfit, super cute!

*Dark Angel* said...

nice outfit, and that wallpaper is brilliant. Loved it. 

Chaudie said...

Those shoes on that woman was ridiculous! 

phillicia deanell said...

She was higher than a kite.
I have to admit she took walking on the grass well for awhile.

phillicia deanell said...

Thank you much, and I can't believe I got that shoot.

phillicia deanell said...

thank you so much ^^

Chantal said...

lololol at Kashawn planking. xD

And guurrllll-- you have some fantastic legs. o: *jelly*  Think I 'like'd a pic of the outfit on Tumblr, maybe.... *brain is melting from studying for finals*

 Love this little lifestyle post. :] I definitely think you should do more~.

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Their were other comments. I hope it wasn't erased by accident 

ZIA said...

What beautiful pictures you have here! My friend and I definitely didn't see anything this exciting during our stay there =) Great Outfit too!