Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fast post: I think I'm going to be mainly ulzzang

Ello homo sapiens. This is just an update kind of post, there is a post about photoshopping in my
Edits for the next post....

Using myself and some others as the subjects.....Not sure if I should use dakota rose cause of maybe the "copy rights". I heard of her and her families antics on the internet taking down things that makes her look bad and tell truth. Still Every one should know who she is and it would be easy to do an example of photoshop edits with her face. Oh well who knows, I may.

(disclaimer: sorry if this was confusing but this is more of a style switch, ill still be doing the same thing just with more other looks that "non gyarus" can do or even just normal girls with a hint of I guess asian culture? I don't know what to call it but I hope you get my confusing disclaimer I'm so bad at this haha)
Well back to topic I think ulzzang is going to be one of my main style thingy. One its easy as hell to do just try to look pretty. Two more people can associate with it and have more things in common and three more makeup things I can do and don't have to worry much about outfits. Its more of a natural life with makeup and don't need a community.....not like gyaru and udoli don't have one....basically yes they don't really have a strong hold anymore. They, I think will be my fun projects.

Eoljjang (Korean: 얼짱), also spelled as Ulzzang or Uljjang (Korean pronunciation: [ʌl.tɕ͈äŋ]), is a popular South Korean term literally meaning "best face" or "good-looking"

It will get me into more natural *yet still different* makeup as well so I can make videos for everyone instead of cosplayers and gyarus/udoli (even though I've been slacking in udoli.) Though there are plenty natural makeup tips online so it will still be a bit separated with gyaru makeup tricks. I think I should bring my art more into make up as well so it will be much more better for me since I'm still in the end working on my art.

Will have circle lens and still will take an adventure in foreign products, just I'm not feeling gyaru as much or seen it and I just started seriously this year. The black gyaru community is the best so far and that is one of the only things holding me and would keep me doing more makeup experiments and clothing ones as well. lhouraii to, I'm going to start doing extreme one like that when I feel to.

Oh and about that last experiment , since it was so easily done gyaru not being too much of a challenge which is kind of why I started is part of this decision.

And what is this? Don't worry I think its amusing though Way amusing than funny. Guess no one like cam whoring. But if so why click the link, and the link is only linked out only and this was posted 2 places here and a group. Why not post your opinion when I am the most opened minded you can find.

This is I think is the first case of jealousy and I never really pulled out that word for myself cause I know after all there is nothing to be jealous of when it comes to speaking about me. Again its my fault for leaving ratings up, but never really had the thought you know? Its a bit private and I have stated in the title and at the beginning the whoring will proceed. So why click the play haha.

I think all girls should try a whore out video. I felt uncomfortable and don't like looking at it , but then I realized that it effected me and for the stupidest reason. I have to stop that there are better things to worry about this isn't hurting anyone and this shouldn't be on that list to worry about. I recommend it, you will look stupid but I think its better to know your being stupid than not knowing <3

Any who I don't think much will change anything much here or anywhere just mostly my mindset


Momo Moment said...

I think I'm also mostly Ulzzang =D I also like Udoli etc. but I always go more twards Ulzzang anyway. I love all your videos BTW & your Photos & blogs<3 I am SUPER JELLY of your blog design too & wanted to know if you have any advice for me to make mine more Professional b/c I'm trying to start into Modeling & don't want a Crappy looking Blog or for it to be too Plain either =,( I keep seeing ppl putting Banners of theirself on their Blogs & I'd LOVE to do that for my blog, but I fear I'm gonna have to pay someone to get my Blog fancy like yours or other ppl's...

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

-Do you have photoshop or anything that can make a png? Png is the business. All you need is a png header and a tiled background (which you can get easily on the internet) though beyond that is kind of hard to explain. You need to know the size of your png to fit on top as well so you can make space for it and it won't overlay your blog input.
-colors: don't go over 4 and 5, its recommended 3 though so your eyes don't go everywhere. Look for colors online that will compliment fashion since its related to modeling. things like red and yellow looks like food. Neon color should only be used as an accent color. 
-no music whatsoever: not everyone has adblock and if you can block it they are never going there again. Its considered unprofessional. Or take off auto play.
-dont over do the animation: like here with the bubbles when you move your cursor? I even think thats too much but I couldn't help it haha.
-Its all about you: so don't over do your site as well, you want the focus to be you. 
-oh and if you are going to edit your pictures: don't over blur it...ever. they won't be about to see your beauty with over blur. I say ask someone for help with that if you don't use photoshop frequently.

I think thats all I have for now?
Thank you much for dropping by and thanks for the compliments <3

Chantal said...

Ah-- I'm pretty open about shooping my pics. xD  Actually, technically, I don't edit my pics with photoshop: I just use the image editor on photobucket when I upload my pics. Haha. Also, my edits suck for that very same reason.

Anyway, I'm excited for the next post! (About photoshopping.)

I'm interested to see what FOTDs and makeup looks you come up with for the ulzzang theme. o: It totally fits you!

Chanel Jenkins said...

Meh.... well.. Ulzzang isn't really a fashion movement per se, so there goes my interest.  However I fully support your style change.

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Yeah I hope more girls do this, I count it as internet makeup cause the camera picks up things you hardly see in real life WITH makeup on.

Im kind of interested on what the hell I'm going to do as well haha

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

Its not a style change is a style switch. Still will be doing everything the same, just more vairity. And I consider ulzzanga style, you can tell it differently from a normal girl I guess you can say, well at least from americans. ^^ And thank you 

Chanel Jenkins said...

How is it a fashion movement? Ulzzang is more about face angles and taking a pretty picture, right? No style of dress in particular is associated with it. I do think it's a style though, more so make up then clothing. 

btw this wasn't to argue, i'm just sharing my view on ulzzang.. >.<

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

I think its more about looking like a real life doll. Big eyes , big lashes , perfect skin (though its photoshopped ill try to do it makeup wise). I won't be doing much of the face angles unless its in varity not in one spot to fake it, and fashion in makeup not clothing. I think you can wear anyt clothing with ulzzang   

Oh no no I don't see any argument but more on a discussion on whats ulzzang. For so many years people see the meanings differently and it is always a confusing subject. I seen people do the definition type which is just pretty and the other type which is doll. Then there are kpop ones as well.

But yeah I'm doing it the makeup way I don't think there is a clothing style part of it either <3