Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sakura Matsuri 2012 Brooklyn :Sunday

I don't really do much of these life post because I usually see it as boring and
not for only my life but mostly of others as well; unless its drastic adventures or maybe even artist related.

Im going to give it a go 83

Not too far from where we live though it is weird we hardly go out around our area. 
We usually travel far off like to Coney Island or all the way to Manhattan.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to spot obvious Photoshopping

So here is my photoshopping post and for the subject ill be using the well known "Dakota Rose" and myself. Since she is so infamous, rude and also don't like opinions that don't turn up her glory (and you know how I butt hurt about that) I don't really feel bad about it. And it was mentioned on my blog how everyone is turning her out or something (showing the truth). Yay I'm not alone on this so without further ado

I advice you for if you don't like for anyone to be called out, turned out or shown out the door ill put a stop like above before the posting, there will be a ......
after the posting and you can then proceed after. It is known for people with truth to get the most hate (killing the messenger). To save you and myself time follow this rule. If you don't follow it and proceed with your ignorance or lack of proof and theroy , I give myself the right to sin my soul and bash you out if needed to calm my frustration and giving me the feeling of revival to my wasted time.

Now are you ready.
Here you go, enjoy.
Always forget to put these Disclaimer: I don't hate photoshoppers I just don't like the lies. Whats so hard about saying yes I photoshop (though the over photoshop okay i don't like that either but its not all about what I feel it is what you can get out of this post). I do believe it should not belong in ads for the purpose of coverage. If I want your foundation or mascara show me the real results. Not the fake model who's filing in the blanks. Thank goodness gurus exist.

Let me show you the process and how easy it is nowadays to edit your pictures with free photoshop and quick moves. Come on people, it is more than easy to get photoshop off the net and get it free. I won't give you links or condone it but ill tell yah this it is easy. There is the internet, google is your best friend yet worst enemy.
The normal
Here is one of the subjects, the picture ill be using on my photoshop is me. Lets make something out of it and ill tell you how to spot PHOTOSHOP on the way....or after

HEYYY Liquid!

Here is liquify the tools of all tools when it comes to face and body editing. This is what the window looks like.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fast post: I think I'm going to be mainly ulzzang

Ello homo sapiens. This is just an update kind of post, there is a post about photoshopping in my
Edits for the next post....

Using myself and some others as the subjects.....Not sure if I should use dakota rose cause of maybe the "copy rights". I heard of her and her families antics on the internet taking down things that makes her look bad and tell truth. Still Every one should know who she is and it would be easy to do an example of photoshop edits with her face. Oh well who knows, I may.

(disclaimer: sorry if this was confusing but this is more of a style switch, ill still be doing the same thing just with more other looks that "non gyarus" can do or even just normal girls with a hint of I guess asian culture? I don't know what to call it but I hope you get my confusing disclaimer I'm so bad at this haha)
Well back to topic I think ulzzang
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Friday, April 6, 2012

That Fast Gyaru Tiny Makeup Tutorial

I posted the vid called "My first camWhore" in the group on Facebook here it is

You can only see it through link
It was awkward but as I go on I have to remember to be a little more comfortable with myself.
So in the vid and on this particular day I decided to get up and do makeup. No foundation, no base just did my eye makeup and splashed on some high pigmented cream gloss. Here is the process.
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