Sunday, March 4, 2012

B.B.Cream Number Two; With A Bit Of A "BF" Haul

"Its hard to take the up nose shot"

So like I promised I was going to review this right away.
I got this right after the other bbcream when exchanging it.

The first time I wore it out I had to add foundation on top after the soak-age and I think I was good for the rest of the day. But what happens when I'm back in the sun for spring and summer.
That means I have to keep looking, (its just a bit too light?) speaking of looking I hear Garnier has one.

It has an orange yellow undertone so if you are warm this is for you.
This is a better alternative to bbcream than the Asian ones by far.
Its about 40$ and you can shop on the sephora site to get it.

For the video application here

Kat Von D; Tattoo Liner in Trooper
Here is one of my favorite products of all time.
This is what I use to draw my bottom lashes.
Its true to its color and very very dark and precise.

Kind of close but with practice I can get to the level I want.
Since it handles like a pen it would be like righting your lashes in
and it dos feel a bit that way

Twiggy will always be my eye makeup Idol.

Here is my BF haul "Boyfriend haul"
Every year around February on my birthday "6" and valentines day "8 days later", he takes me where ever and treats me to whatever I want like a whole big celebration. There are some others he have also gave me but I didn't take a picture of it. "its cause its all wrapped in plastic an protected". But thank goodness for the internet.....

HP 1-5 Box set with loads of goodies <3
OMG yes YES YES!!! It opens up like luggage

A Delicious Art book from GodOfWar 3
I didnt play the game yet "its been lost" but man I love the game
He is my mascot for Playstation

Now for forever21 Goodies

I love spikes and Aztec inspired jewelery

Droopy eye makeup.
At first I didn't like it on me but as I seen it more in the video editing and my pictures it started to grow on me. It looks like Britney spears eyes actually.

So Im going to try it again. This happened with something else I did related to makeup and now I do it all the time haha. Things just have to grow on me and at times takes awhile. like a new song you hate and all of a sudden its a good song after 3 times listening to it.


C_razygaijin said...

you look so pretty with this haircut

Miwa Moondancer said...

Glee you look fabulous. Love the lenses. Love love love you're earrings. 

Crystal Ezeoke said...

Yeah your freaking beautiful in all of your pictures. Twiggy's eye make up is forever a classic. 

Leilani said...

Isn't it awesome x3 I love the smash box camera ready bb cream, and I think it looks gorgeous on you!! Even though I only have a sample size, I will definitely purchase a full sized bottle of this stuff! :3

PhilliciaGlee said...

 Thank you so much. I was always told curly/wavy hair looks better on me.
I like how this one looks like a braid-out

Phillicia Deanell said...

 I adore these earrings , I wish their was a ring for it. and thank you, basically this is the naturalist lens I have >.<

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

 <3 thank you so much crystal.

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

 Sweet , I am so glad we can find bbcreams for us now 8)

Chanel Jenkins said...

you should wear panda eyes more often!!

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

I think it will be the staple for my gyaru looks. <3

Chantal said...

Oohhh-- somehow that makeup reminds me of the 90's~~. (Maybe it's the Britney Spears eye-shape? Haha.)  In any case, droopy eyes definitely work on ya'.

 Oh-- and I may invest in this BB Cream if the Garnier one doesn't work out. (Which I have a sinking feeling, it might not...) Fingers crossed for my skin tone being in the right range for the Garnier BB Cream to work well. xD

P.S. I am insanely jelly of your fancy HP box-set. ; _ ; So... beautifulll~~.