Wednesday, February 15, 2012

B.B.Cream Number One

Too Faced tinted Beauty Balm
Spf 20/ Beach glow 32$ at

With this picture under here it tells it all. Even though this is the darkest shade they have, of course it is too ashy light for the "choco" girls skin. But look on the bright side, choco girls are not the guinea pigs. Even though we are always last to get a product in out shade, not to mention undertone color, we are not the test subjects. If something goes wrong we'll never get our hands on it.

It is smooth (like a face primer) after its on but it doesn't blend at all,
it just dries a bit when you try to smooth it on your face opposite of using a moisturizer.

I do have to use a foundation over it and that again defeats the purpose of bbcream.
Like the Asian one I do not want to mix it cause
a. it takes away the spf so no protection (cream and foundation can do this)
b. it gives you more work to work on mix or no mix
c. even when you don't mix it with another product, Asian bbcreams and people with dry skin
should stay far away from each other only because it is extra drying

The plus side about western bbcreams is you can actually read it.
So you can search the ingredients on the internet.
One of the bad ingredients are "Propylene glycol"

But other than those should I recommend it? If you want bbcream that bad I say dont use something you cant read especially for your whole face. If you really need it get it from home like this one here. But over all I do not recommend this for choco skin for its ashy looking.

I do have a next bbcream I have exchanged in the store
and it is much more darker.
I do have a Video coming up

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TheLovelyIfy said...

Yeah it's really horrible that they are still not coming out with darker shades but what can you do :/ *shrug* Thanks for the review!

Glee said...

I know right, all we can do is wait.
And youre welcome ^^

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Ugghhhh~~~. Always the last to get the good stuff. Haha.

Oh man-- you should clearly just make your own company and specialize in BB Cream for darker skin tones. You would have a niche in the market that nobody else has capitalized on yet. >:]

Do iiiit. o:

Anyway, as always, thanks for the great review. Your makeup reviews are so good. <3

P.S. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!! :DD

Oh yeah, and I tagged you back at my blog~. [ ] (No pressure, though-- I usually ignore when I'm tagged. Haha. I am awfuulll~~.)

Glee said...

OMG if I could , but I know nothing much of skin care. Maybe a makeup line for darker/tanner skin tones would be best. Like colors to not be scared of instead of using gold and broze all the time.

Aww and thank you Nox and just in cause HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Im one of those friends that dont remember anything even my own birthday. I only knew because my BF was over.

haha you got me XD, Im horrible with tags myself haha

Pallavi said...

Omg u r gorgeous!! Just stumbled across your blog looking for bb creams..what contacts do you have on? I'd love to try a pair..k take care xoxo

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

The new adult grays, I will have a review on these, their blues and pinks later on.
And thank you for the complement and stopping by <3

chang long said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.