Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Credits on the bottom
Dont this looks a bit.....into myself? There is so many pictures of me and I know it is my blog yet still I can not believe I have reach the point of not caring about how much I post my photos on the internet. (By the way about that, maybe I should stop uploading pictures on facebook they own them in the end and also, you cant ever erase your facebook so that another bother for me)

So just in time for the first of February and maybe now I can get back to drawing but before that im too celebrate my 25th birthday on February 6th,nothing special just its closer to 27 when im going to well, that is way later. Right now it is to enjoy my time with my family. The coding and photos held me back for about 3 days or so and I have stopped drawing and sewing my dress all together.

But I digress, this blog was inspired by the Victorian era( of course my favorite era) and by the softness of Xiaxues blog. I love the video idea she have and it is best to do it this way than the traditional post in blog post which can lead to lagging computers with the space im taking posting many other things. And oddly enough I hate girly things related to "oh mai gawd pink". I just dont like pink its a weak color....No its true, pink makes you weak, its some kind of scientific fact but I don't really remember much. So I chosen my peaches and browns instead if the barbie pepto pinks.

Now for the outfit right? Oh ho no no no, im not into fashion yet I cant afford it with the things I do BUT, accessories I will jump on. You know the belts, headbands, earrings, bangles, chains and spikes. These things can make any outfit even for the plainest white tee and jeans. And that is exactly what I have done here and plan to do more of. I have a plain shirt and a plain frilly skirt and surrounded myself with jewelery. It kind of worked better than I though it would and I think ill keep this up. Also graphic tees would do well with this & fake fur too.

I was finished with my makeup and they jumped in the chair after.
They were 2 huge fur balls and I loved it.

I think im obsessed with red lips now. I have to get more of those colors from sephora its really good and creamy and not too messy, oil slick, glossy. Now to find a way to not get red on my teeth.

I am getting better with my lighting. I just learned a neat trick with photoshop to get my skin darker yet not make it look like I colored over it with a black pencil. That is what the first picture is displaying. I love that dark tone but its hard to get though I now know what kind of contouring my nose would work with from that picture.

And Oh my god dude I found a beautiful matte/sheer peach color in my pallet and it is like god. You know how much I love gold, though I didn't use any this time. But that peach orange....that peach on dark skin....is like butter and bread, peas a carrots, roti and curry, no more (or not as much) gold for now on. Its an amazing blend with my orange (red and yellow) undertone. Im telling you girls find your undertone and makeup would become better for you.


-I use the same brushes for the background but forgot who is who. So ill put all. Brushes by redheadstock ([link])/Zimmette Stock ([link])/ yanagi ([link]) -


Mew Mew said...

You're blog is looking good girly. And I didn't know you were only a few months older than me X3.

Glee said...

I didnt know you were around my age as well. People say I look 18. Well I still feel 18 so I guess that work well with the way I look.

And thank you very much <3

Boujoischic said...

Im black but Im kind of light skinned. Do you think that this shade would work for fair skinned african american girls?

Glee said...

wig or bbcream, this post is about my profile ahah.

Ill assume bbcream. If you ever seen tanned Vietnamese, that is the perfect shade. I think you may be able to get away with it and to hide the white undertone youll have to use warm loose foundation powder.

I think you should still go to an actual store and try it, if not order from sephora.com and if it dont work send it right back.

For the wig (in case) I think anyone can get away with it.