Sunday, January 8, 2012

Im back and got tagged

Like a shark for experimentation
So hey start the new years with some things about me right?
And later on I can show some eye makeup experiments
here we go.....

I was tagged by Anjell
and she tagged everyone else I know not sure if im going to send a tag out
...ill feel awkward haha.

1. Whats your new years resolution? why?
I dont really have one cause I was told why start on new years , start any time of the year so I did. Im on the healthy path, im still natural haired and getting more creative with my OC and art (art is the biggest) So ill keep to that all year long lets see.

2. Favorite Hobby?
Eating (cant say art) and casual gaming

3. What movie best describes your personality?
hmm....damn that is hard. Inception, because I daydream way too much so when it is reality it feels dreamy, if that makes sense

4. What toy did you play with as a child?
Does a Binky counts. Its my piece of cloth im always with and have to sleep with.
Have to be silk and long, have one still.
If not then barbie.
I designed and made clothes for them and made for other friends as well.
I should of been a fashion designer I never noticed till now haha.

5. First Hollywood crush?
Oh I know, Orlando bloom.

6. Favorite song of 2011?
Well artist discovered: Todd Edwards
Song I guess is: Gyal In Front Ah Meh by "Ziggy Rankings" for now

7. If you were stuck on a stranded island, and could only bring two things, what would you bring? I would say family but dont want them to suffer & the same with my dogs, so computer with power and internet (at least I can contact for help) and survivor man skillz (if it comes in a can you can drink and learn from).
Im cheating aren't I?

8. What's your biggest pet peeve?
Two on the same level
- Things that dont go to plan what if its people, weather, but MOSTLY people
- And having only the biggest baddest, rudest people go further than the nice, loyal, talented and honest people

9. Any bad habits?
The internet

10. Biggest Inspiration? Why?
Life. If I forget it is there ill waste it. I dont want to do that I want to live it, safe but to the fullest. Life has Colors , Fashion, Art, taste, smell, and that sky. Now how can you not be inspired by it? Yeah it has its boils but you can look past that.
(Im real sleepy, what kind of shit im talking)

11. First pet's name? Why?
Herby. I dont know, just know it was my first pet hamster.
The pet I named was bing bing and it was a Guinea pig, and if you know guinea pigs they have nice firm cute bing bings >.<

12. What does your name mean and why were you named it?
Well my name (Phillicia or to others Phylicia/Felicia but at the end its actually "Cee-A" instead of "Shah")means happy like in "felix (pfft glee)" and greenery....I do adore gardens and natural seasonings?

BUT! My name came from another source which is my mother who had been named after saint Philomena "a young Greek princess" She was 14 when her remains was found. Still don't know much about her.

But I was named Phillicia with two ls and a Cee-a cause of my father wanting my mothers name, also got his name which is my blog name. Only the Spanish people I meet say phillicia with cee-a at the end.....or was it a french woman? I cant really edit my damn post, thanks for the welcome back blogger haha.