Monday, January 16, 2012

Gyaru Makeup is not only circles and lashes? My questions.

*This post was made around the beginning of January (look on the top haha)
and whats weird, is the fact that its a popular subject now*

Don't you just hate hearing that? That the makeup you are doing or have done is not gyaru and this object is not gyaru and that -"Gyaru is not just circle lens and lashes. You need blush , contour and nude lips, this style that style these shoes"
That is just weird because remember that picture I posted some post ago post? (in january)

I will only talk of the makeup cause that is my .....third specialty
(First artist, second cosplayer, back to topic).
And to a bit of a point - I'm just showing how confusing the Gyaru style is.

I do not own this picture; Its been grabbed from internet (more likely tumblr)
With the over exposure, where is the contour? How about the blush? Maybe the nude lips?
When it comes to her makeup she is gyaru even without the other elements and a majority of people would agree. All she has is eye liner and lashes; don't forget the Circle lens.

I do not own this picture; Its been gained from internet gyaru inspiration
How about this; it is known for gyaru makeup to have the droopy puppy eye makeup
or its the most popular, the same for false bottom eye lashes but so far she has none;
the contour is hardly noticeable, there is a red lip
and i'm not sure if she has blush, yet she give off that gyaru vibe don't she?

So what is there for makeup other than contour, blush, and nude lips.
As you can see its not that much of a deal in those pictures or anything similar
(especially if Asian). Believe me there are so much pictures like this and it is considered gyaru.
(even when the makeup elements are there, you hardly can see the makeup)
Im thinking dark makeup most likely heavy, top lashes full, bottom lashes apparent, eyeliner,
circle lens and lots of light......exclude that last one.

But to the point do you think it is the
Asian features that makes Gyaru makeup right all the time for Asians
People forget we do have different features from Asians

Or what about when the style changes, who make up the rules to what is what and what is not?

How about the basics....
what are the few things that have never changed for the Japanese gyaru makeup?
-Of course the liner
-we also have the lens
-Lashes as well

But what makes it different from the American culture? Only thing that is different here is the circle lens (and maybe bottom lashes which is not an everyday routine). Contouring is nothing new and so isn't the blush, the lips and also (top) lashes.

Are you confused now?
So am I so we have to go way back, back to ganguro.

Just take out the nose stripe, that is not the point.
The main point of this is different am I right? To be different.
Right now that is what circle lens do for us here in the states.
And there are so many categorizes in gyaru that is so far from one of the first types of gyaru
and compared to now its a look that is an everyday any girl look
who knows how to do their makeup well.

So what else is there?

well.... The eye shape. Think about it
not much people who do makeup in the states
want to change their eye shape...they accentuate it .
These girls (Back then Original Gyaru)
didn't accentuate they would changed their eyes completely.
They would extended it, drop it and even bring it up more.

How to make that modern?
They already have with plenty categories.
I wouldn't know much cause I don't know everyone's face shape and everything gyaru.
But for me its all about lining my outer eye shape to another extended shape.

Speaking of the categories in Gyaru, have they seem more American eagle?
We also have the "Spencer's" gyaru looks and a bit of "hot topics" going on, and yeah forever21.

So in conclusion, gyaru is nothing more than girls in the Spencers/American eagle/ punk rock (and some others to be named) with added circle lens, the usual makeup with bottom lashes and the changes of the eye shape? And that is the only break between ordinary makeup and gyaru makeup? Oh wait some of the new gyaru styles dont require obvious bottom lashes, I forgot (pictures I gave here also prove this)...and some styles are completely natural with makeup applications so lets start over.
So in conclusion Gyaru is nothing more than girls in the Spencers/American eagle/ punk rock (and some others to be named) so basically all and any fashion with added circle lens?
...Yeah, there you have it.

Gyaru: Any style any makeup...just make sure you have them circle lens on
to look a bit different.

So what the hell is ulzzang?

Maybe you should figure that out because in the end
it is your face and you make your own face rules.
Though if you look like an ordinary girl....
Why should you call yourself gyaru? What makes it so?
Ask yourself these honest questions?

Thanks for reading the way I think.<3


Mew Mew said...

Well this is what I'm having issues with in gyaru. I tried the droopy eyeshape thing once then I tried the contouring yesterday....and for me it was just terrible and I very rarely dislike how my makeup turns out when I do wear it ( will be putting up a post tomorrow with my attempts and comparison pictures from other makeup I've done) But even looking at it my makeup looks more Gal when I did it my way instead of adding contouring or changing the eyeliner to go down. I could say I need more highlight in the inner corner and probably some bottom falsies. Paired with my circle lenses. It looks gal to me. The thing is everyone is different and while it seems most westerners have put in these extra rules that may work for a good portion of them, it doesn't work for everyone. The Gal look will already vary from person to person even if they follow the same steps, but the cookie cutter-ness people seem to be trying to do and possibly forcing beginners to try doing isn't the way to go about things. And for beginners even if they know how to do makeup can go bad really quick. ( and to me Ulzzang may just be a more natural less fussy gal look. )

Glee said...

My nose is so hard to contour without photoshop and the same , I rarely hate how my makeup turn out. I just cant figure it out so highlight would have to do.

Wait im following you so how come I hardly see any of your updates? Whats going on? OMG you wrote so many post why cant I see them?

Ill figure that out but beside that I think the highlights would work even under the eye. And this is why I always say find what works for you with ordinary makeup and enhance that with hints gal features (or your favorite gal model) this way it will always and still fit you in the end. You need the basics first. If you find out how different you are you will know what to work and improve on. And when you get that , and have circle lens and some edits you'll get going on things. Its all in practice, cliche as that sounds. (Oh and dont forget colors. I never if hardly ever use white cause omg my skin looks crusty with it. Peach is very close and yet more natural. So following the scans may not help either unless its black and white)

Other than the over Photoshopping of ulzzang I agree , people say ulzzang is not a style it is just a meaning (best face). So you can add it onto gyaru, ulzzang gyaru/ Best face gyaru.

Mew Mew said...

um probably because you were following me before I changed my URL, it's now. Well I don't have a fave gal model. I'm influenced by western gals :3 I hardly ever edit my photos besides maybe changing colors to make the photo look more vintage and my phone cam is terrible. I make a point not to really edit my photos like that because I want my pictures to look like how I would look in person. I don't highlight often but I'm gonna try just highlighting my face a bit and see how that that looks when I do my practice later on tonight. I'm definitely gonna work on getting some bottom lashes though and will be in desperate need of new lenses although I don't wear mine on a frequent basis the pink ones and green ones I've have for almost two years now even though I make sure they're clean and I try to make sure the solution gets refreshed as much as possible. Ulzzang isn't a style but it has a style to go with it which looks much like it's influenced by onee gyaru, himekaji and amekaji. I'm definitely trying to get more practice now with the makeup up while I can before I start posting to many pictures and tagging them gyaru, I don't really want to end up in G_S in a negative way

Glee said...

I think it me, its happening with almost everyone.

I only have one model I like and I kind of want more models to adore. And I edit my photos but not too much to mislead a person if I ever meet them but I get you.

Good luck on your journey <3 and dont worry about G_S. I laugh at when i was posted and key tip , dont discuss it anywhere but on G_S its not your business put of it. After 2 weeks they just stop bothering me. I think they wanted me to start ranting or something, but I didnt cause I thought it was funny how much they try to pay attention to my life.

Katish Sheppard said...

ummm thats really cool im trying out this make up but i cant find any white circle lenses... >.<

Phillicia "HeirOfGlee" said...

I only know of cosplay lens that are white. If anything you can maybe get grey.

tea tea said...

I totally agree with you! There's so much elitism in western gyaru communities and they are all saying you have to have droopy eyes, contour your face, weigh this and wear that or else you're not gyaru enough!! I mean,who decides what's gyaru enough? I live in Japan and I see gyarus every day wearing their lashes in various styles, I see contouring, big lashes, droopy eyes, yamanba, circle lenses, tanned skin, extension hair, nail salons, nude lips, BUT I also see an increasing amount of gyarus not wearing lashes, not contouring, not using blush, with red lipstick, who are not spending that much time shaping their eyes, nose and face, but they are still gyaru. I see girls with straight hair and moon boots who are still gyaru because gyaru isn't about rules, or a competition about being "most gyaru" , it's about finding your style and rocking it. the reason there are new magazines and products every month is because there are so many different styles and expressions III n gyaru style! If we were all meant to look the same there would be only one magazine which all gyaru followed, right? I like the diversity in this gyaru style, but I dislike being pushed into the box that the elitists wants me in.

Sorry about this long post, I'm just really into this present issue.