Tuesday, January 24, 2012



I love this wig and its color.
It does go well with my skin color and not too overbearing I guess I can say.
It is like training wheels to get into other blonde colors in a way
because its not too much blonde. I just dont want to buy something blonde
and it comes out to not fit my skin tone.
This is why I buy and wear colored wigs all the time instead of real color tones
blue and green are the ones that fits me best.

Anyway to the review
Color- The color could be a little more duller for the blonde side but it is hard to fit every ones needs, so Ill give a perfect. My skin tone is 410 Cappachino in "Revlons Color Stay" liquid foundation

Shape- Best shape is the bangs, the dome is a bit wear but adjusting your bangs (downwards) will tone out the top, yet since I have a small forehead and it is hard to pull down to the bangs to wear I want without blinding myself. Its not the wigs fault.

Texture- Soft yet sheds in the beginning (hopefully only in the beginning), other than the shedding, it tangles when held back.

So now for pictures in the natural sunlight

I fell i love with it. It is now that wig ill wear almost everywhere...
till I get a collection of more of these wigs


TheLovelyIfy said...

Girl hell yes! That wig looks fab on you. I wish I could land me a perfect blond color but something tells me I should just stick with light browns or auburn :/ Really nice!

Glee said...

I think since its split you can get away with it much much more. I say try a split wig, maybe even this same one, cause even if it dont match your color, it kind of have to cause of the black.

*also its kind of confusing to comment on your blog. Ill get it soon im sure haha*

GildedCrush said...

The wig looks great! I've been dying to try one of those on myself. xD

♥ Noxin ♥ said...


That blonde is DEFINITELY flattering on you, yes. I have to watch the video now....

Glee said...

You should try it, though shedding may become a problem once in awhile.

Glee said...

Cant wait for you post on a wig like this.

Sakura said...

really pretty!!! and your layout is awesome!

Glee said...

Thank you. Photobucket is playing the fool though