Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 pictures and into the future pictures

I will always recite this, my journey has really began this year 2012 April, and that also goes the same for my blogging. I didn't know how to start and what to start on for blogging, really, I am not very good with writing and grammar in general, so finally I've started blogging about myself and my adventures (or ebay gets and advice, what have you). Also im doing what I want to do in the new year which is blogging, blog editing, drawing and traveling. Not traveling now but doing the others, defiantly. I also have other things but in order for it to come true I think its best to keep it to yourself. This year I followed my resolution for the first time and I think that is why.
This is the worst dress 2012
Above is what I see as my worst dress of the year. I didn't have a wardrobe but I tried. The first two is the start of my new wardrobe. 

The Years Best Wardrobe

Number one is my baby, that is my staple. Shorts, shirt and knee/thigh highs. The other is corsets and scarfs like the second. And the boots is a major for me, also a one of a kind cause I "DIYed" it and studded them to my liking. I "DIY" allot and will do more in the future.

      And there goes the gun shots 
Happy new years!!!!! 

Makeup looks

When I say future looks, its now 2013 so its looks for now. 
Top for extreme bottom for natural everyday.


Items and future gets

1. Is the hair color I want; #30. I want to look like a chocolate bunny the wig color is as smooth and my skin color and just a nice blend. Think of blond hair on pale skin, kind of like that.
2.Thats the shape I want; shorts, shirt, high boots and a overcoat or cardigan.
3.This is the kind of cardigan I want.

1.More backpacks to DIY to even maybe look like this. I do want a bright red bag as well
2. Destruction jeans, but most likely ill make them myself
3. Studded jeans, also may do myself

1. Stripped pants/belt pants
2. Spiked hat
3. Spiked bracelet

1. Star bracelet
2. Patent boots
3. Smooth gel shorts

1Heavy bracelet
2. Sexy Utility belt in black (DEFIANTLY GETTING SOON, maybe in leather and 
THIS is my D.I.A. belt. I will DIY stud it)
3. Gartner leggings

Ill post inspirational picture in another post and im thinking of a new blog design too, well.......bye XD

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

EOS Max sherbert grey Video review

Pictures in the post before this one.
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

EOS Max Sherbet/ My makeup for the new year

I have received two pairs of lens from my favorite go to lens store kiwiberry1-collection.
I used to mistakenly always call them kiwi strawberry, or 1 kiwi berry but I finally got it.
They have never let me down with the shipping, it is always the same and just as similar to everyone else's; a week to two weeks to ship.

Ever since I started gal and or wore lenses for cosplay, I would always order from them. I would test out others water but im always back to kiwi so im glad im part of my favorite go to lens store. 

"The video of the lens review will hopefully be up before the year has ended."

 I have a code you can use!
You can get 15% off your order
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ebay Rokku Haul and Video

Finished look im wearing in the video
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

New page - The "free stuff" tab

Its self explanatory, I have a new page up on my blog and the tab is called "free stuff". Since working for "yok" magazine  I have bee more creative with backgrounds, but at times I know some will rather the simple over the extravagant (mostly my non gyaru readers). So any scrap or anything simple or whatever I want to give will be there.
Now I am not saying it would be updated frequently, I am just saying check it out once in awhile, maybe there will be something new. Also you can leave a comment there on what you'd like to see. I dont know how others think and new ideas can get me going. Its not a guarantee but its a start...literally.


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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

L'Oreal bb Cream review / Make post...BOOBS

I never really noticed my boobs being out much (I blurred them for most of the picture), but as I go on im not going to care. As long and my BF is cool with my pictures I don't mind showing them. I mean for pudding sakes I attend the labor day parade, I am a trini and this picture is a saint compared to what I look like around that time or anytime around the summer.

Anyway, I am glad I had these pictures stashed as most of you know I have an eye infection, and I want to do makeup so bad. I have some looks to do, but of course when I can do it ill be so un-inspired.

B.B Cream 
Ill let the pictures review it ( Its the darkest btw)
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

MLP fluttershy inspired eyes; Pretty pictures

I just started drawing on my face and it was inspired by My Little Pony

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Detailed photos of DIY phone design & Nail polish

Just pretty pictures and if you're like me we are fine with 90% pictures and 10% text.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gyaru meet- Galloween

yes late.
Ill let the video and pictures speak for itself.
I had allot to say but its gone now I cant remember. This is what happens when you are late with things XD

Im with Jessica eve, Amber rutland, Paulette Clarke and random drag boy....I forgot his name.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Its finally out

We didn't plan to put it on Facebook but work got in the way AND WE NEED TO VOTE. But why not its just for now. The quality have downgraded so much from the original cause of some problems but that is not the point, its that we worked together and did it and just with two editors (one in training) and 4 models (not including myself I was mostly drawing and editing). 

I cant do or say much cause I'm finally coding the site and I have newer tricks to try out before I get to costumers. And to thing I would of drawn some illustrations this week.
Also every edition will have a new free download of the kind, most likely wallpaper cause I love doing them. Today was a bit hectic,even my mothers tooth been pulled out which did confuse my working hours.

Thanks for all the downloads btw. That was pretty fast, if you have any suggestions on the newer wallpaper let me know what you would want for your phone. (back to coding)
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gyaru Secrets - Really Talk & How I got into being Editor of a gyaru magazine

Im deciding to also post my videos like this here as well; as a post itself. Have I ever mentioned how I divide my time? I think I have done so in DA but not here.
You see I feel guilty when im on one project and not tending to my other projects. Those projects is

Art (big number one)
Youtube (my videos)
Blogger (here)
Cosplay (Still havent finished)
And last but not least "gaming" (which kind of died yet I wont let go)

Doing art is not always on top but everything I do on that list is related to art; except for blogger. So I dont feel bad if I dont physically draw because I may be doing something like this..
not all edited by me
As most of you know I have taken part of Gaijin Gyaru 109.
Ever told you of that story?

It started when I didnt even know what it was. I found it on tumblr as a Gaijin Gyaru directory. It has a post of Gaijin gals and their pictures are linked to their blogs (you can still send in a picture and your blog to be posted). I thought this was awesome, I didn't see anything like this before-

(   )

It was so helpful to the community. There is constant complaining of not being able to find gals in the gaijin community so they claim to go to "Gyaru secrets" to find blogs and information.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

100th post/ liebster Blog Award/ pictures for the soon to come video/ 5 year anniversary

100 post!!!!!! Feels good. I started blogging seriously around the time I started gyaru which is this spring 2012.  Actually, it is not 100 post but 2/3 of attempt post and 1/3 of actual post.  One third is the post I actually want to post about while the other two thirds was experimenting on what I want to post on. It is exactly how I started on youtube.

Moving on this is going to be a big post cause why not its my 100th post. So I have the -liebster blog award- from "Rio", pictures from the "Ulzzang to Gyaru" series and my 5th anniversary with my boyfriend and family picture post.

So i've finally edited the pictures and video for the "ulzzang to gyaru" series. I want to make this a series and on the record /personal note. I have to blend for the camera. The camera either pick up everything the human eye can't see or cant pickup what the human eye can see. So I have to learn how to blend for the camera or work with my camera more in general. Also dont worry on the makeup editing its not extreme editing on the eyes. On most of the pictures I left the eyes alone but I know people dont want to see my pore so I blurred it away. 
Here is the video:

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

That shoe post....

Yeah that shoe post I was suppose to post years ago, but editing gosh how you bloggers do it? I kept putting it off and not to mention some other thing I had to do.

BTW This is my "99th" post. Wow how long I had this blog for like two years and I just reached "99" post?
well when you think about it forty eight a year is good im sure. Its around one post a week. But if I had posted my gets I would of had more post. but now with my iPhone I think it would be easier to post gets.

So here is the makeup and I didn't use any base so you are going to see creasing. Im enjoying the shape and linework especially the contrast of the white and black wing.

All about the shoes in my video
I wear them, dance in them, show different views.....think its one of my first full body shot video.
 Pictures of the close up below 

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog designs and Black "Mold" in the Gyaru community

Well other than being sick im great now. My back hurts because of a profile I was doing for someone. Stupid me wouldn't go on my chair instead I sit on my bead. It seems like there was something holding me back from finishing this profile yet I have in exactly one week. Its the first I have done customization on someone else's profile so it was confusing looking at it from someones else's mind. I just wished I didnt have a headache.
Her name is momo and she wanted simple. Good practice for me and future attempts.

I do have some new post to put up. Shoe haul I guess (made a vid of that too), the gay wedding, labor day parade, and some makeup yadda yadda, so finally going to finish editing one of two post and get right back to blogging.

Oh that mold? That fuzzy dirty black disgusting creature that can grow virtually anywhere containing air and moisture? It is also almost impossible to eliminate and could relate to many illnesses? Thanks google.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

It was an experiment I swear /BlackDiamond & Gyaru Progress

As the title states it was an experiment. Actually it was a friendly challenge on the "black gyaru" group on Facebook. The most extreme makeup if I can remember. So I tried it, I even recorded it. 

Am I going to have a vid on it? Yep. -Sure I should, halloween is coming.
Am I going to upload this one? Nope

Cause its sloppy and I can see where I can improve, I also see all my mistakes. I just wish I made it more neat. The contouring was also an experiment but it is not recommended, especially with the color I used.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

West Indian Day Parade (so many pictures)

 So this is the section I'm in and working on every weeknight 
Can se the prices on the side, the lowest is 300$

"Natural Freaks mas camp" is where I go every night fixing up costumes
NY1 came by to interview baby, kind of filmed all of us, didn't even know they were filming me while I was adding gems. I turned around an laughed XD

this is the name of the section

I hardly have any time to blog/vlog so I'm trying to catch up here
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pictures from upcoming YT video

This is my favorite picture of the bunch an its because of the lighting. You'll see I'm testing on lighting throughout all the pictures posted. I like the fairy look (tint of purple kind of match my blog theme even though its more of a tint of peach) but its hard to do so with a darker skin without looking like skin lightening.
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